I have hip dysplasia!

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Barked: Fri Oct 6, '06 11:45pm PST 
My sister (and mom) is really sad right now.

She took me out on our weekly walk to the park and she noticed that I was limping almost the whole time, when we got back she immediately looked for a someone to drive us over to the vet.

She was hoping it was just a sprain or something... but she got the worst news... the x-rays showed that it IS hip dysplasia. The vet says I'm too young that she's not even considering an operation. It was not yet very bad, but she says I'll have to go back in a month's time to see if it is rapidly getting worse or not.

So, I have joint supplements and I can't even play anymore. No more jumping, no more running up and down the stairs... though the vet recommended swimming! Now, mommy and my sister are looking for places they could bring me.

My sister already volunteered her weekends to bring me to beaches or lakes...

But my sister is still feeling pretty bummed out about it. It is very sad news considering that my birthday is just a couple of days away! :o(

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Barked: Sat Oct 7, '06 12:00am PST 
Awwww Choco I'm so sorry to hear that! One of the sweetest dogs I ever knew was a Rottie who had very bad dysplasia :o( But she still lived a very full life full of fun and love, yeah she walked a little slower and couldn't play real hard but she was a very happy dog.

Hope it's not too serious.
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Barked: Sat Oct 7, '06 12:14am PST 
Choco we are so sorry to hear that.
Swimming is a wonderful thing for you to do. It will help to strengthen your muscles to help protect the joint.
We knew a doggy once who at a young age was diagnosed and he lived a happy long life.
You need to treat it in a similar way to someone who has arthritis. Try not to lay for too long in one postion. Dont overdo it! Exercise little but often.
The weather may affect it damp etc. Maybe on bad days use heat if you are stiff.
I am sure many others on here will have loads of info for you as will your vet.
We wish you well and happy swimming!

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Barked: Sat Oct 7, '06 12:25am PST 
Choco.... go to rottenrotty.com there are some things that are helpful there for HD.

Barked: Sat Oct 7, '06 12:38am PST 
Thanks dogsters for the support. My sister knew she could count on you guys...

She has a barely basic knowledge of it because she was thinking (hoping, actually) that we'll never have it...

...but she's researching about the topic now.

Right now, I'm "confined" in the living room... unfortunately, the house has 4 levels (5 if you count the garage) and the vet has forbidden me to go up and down the stairs because it puts more pressure on my hind legs. So, right now, I'm "moping" beside my sister pretending I'm such and "abused" dog.

You think it's working? Well, they're giving me extra attention... but NO TREATS!!! *sob* I'M ON A DIET!!! *sob*sob*sniff*

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Barked: Sat Oct 7, '06 4:01am PST 
Hey Choco!!! I feel for you. I've had surgery on both my knees and have slight HD too. I checked your page out and your so far away!! Philipines (sp) is it hot? Also, check out the page that I coppied here from my vets website. I know you're older but I just wanted to give you a heads up as to just one of the techniques that are out there. I'm not sure why your vet said for you to wait a month? Is it supposed to get better? Stabilize?

I know w/me, my left hip is only about 40% in the socket. The right hip is pretty good. It hasn't caused us any problems though.

Let us know what happens..and I'm saying my doggy prayers for you...oh also glucosimine is an awesome supplement. I take a liquid form every day and it really does help.

http://www.lakegenevaanimalhospital.com/Techniques/surgery_t echniques.htm#New%20Preventative%20Treatment%20for%20Hip%20Dysplasia
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Barked: Sat Oct 7, '06 8:45am PST 
You poor thing, you are just a baby!

Barked: Sat Oct 7, '06 3:08pm PST 
Iggy, to answer your questions... that is why my vet is asking me to come back...

...because they want to know if it just developed now and has stopped there... or is it fast becomming worse. Unfortunately, both my back legs have problems though the left leg is only minimal and the right leg is much worse, a part of the socket is already out.

She says if it gets worse, I may have to get an operation once I'm older... but not now, the vet says I'm too young.

It's partly the reason why my sister is so sad... she has always been proud of my... what's the word?... the way I look like when I'm in stack position... she says I look so impressive... and now, I have hip problems that I sometimes can't even walk straight.


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Barked: Sun Oct 8, '06 6:16am PST 
Hey Choco,

Here's just one of the many sites I found on HD

Just do a google search.

In all honesty...I see no reason to wait for surgery if this is the option you're going to go with. The longer you wait, the longer Choco's in pain and debiliting arthritis will set in. And if one hip is completely out already, that's a serious problem and I wouldn't be waiting if I were you. Iggy was only just 2 years old to the dot when he had his first surgery. This is also a serious enough and expensive enough procedure to warrent a second opinion. For example, I got 3 opinions before Iggy had his first knee done. Call me parionoid or excessive, but I wanted to make sure Iggy had the best surgeon. We settled on the same vet that Lucy's rescue uses and the lady who runs the rescue, who was also studing to be a vet tech at the time, sat in on the first surgery and she just gave us pictures she took. They really took care of my little man.

Please...get a second opionion if you do none of the other things.


Barked: Sun Oct 8, '06 7:31am PST 
Well, the vet says that I'm too young and it is not very bad yet. I'm just about to turn 1 year old.

Yeah, my sister is thinking of second opinions but since I'm just on meds still and the vet is does not even want an operation, she's willing to stick it out with this one still.

My sister saw the x-ray. It is not very bad yet. It is just a teeny bit out of the socket. And the left leg is showing signs of HP... but the vet (and my sister) are hoping that the meds will prevent further damage. If the meds are able to help me, an operation will not even be an option.

Choco's sister here:

I assure you, we're not trying to avoid the operation just because of financial matters... we'll spend what is needed for them to get well! And we've proven it with our other dogs. (A rottie we owned before Choco had kidney failure, and my mom thought to fight for her, we had blood transfusions, an operation just for her to get better, but it really was time for her to go to the bridge... but I assure you, she was given the best medical attention we could get.) But since the vet is even the one who is advising AGAINST an operation... I won't insist on it. I mean, if the vet is just in it for the money, she'll insist on an operation, right?

But, really, thanks Iggy! I'll research more on it.

And right now, Choco is in a "chain" that allows him to move around the living room... but is short enough that he can't go up and down the stairs. We're trying to think of ways to make this a lot better for him.

Thanks for all the concern, dogsters!
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