Jordan: 06/15/95 - 09/29/06 (almost unbelievable, long read)

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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1995 - 2006
Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 9:01am PST 
If you would like to see Jordan's one page personal webpage with tons of pictures of my beautiful puppy (be patient it will be slow loading) please click the link above or below... Otherwise, here is her horribly sad story (pay attention to the 'update' dates if you want to read the story in chronological order, meaning the ending is at the top, the beginning (9-20-06) is at the bottom)


(if the link doesn't open properly, simply copy-n-paste the link into your browser's address bar)

UPDATE 10-1-06: I am devastated to write that my Jordan, after 12 days of hospitalization, died peacefully on Friday (9-29-06) morning at 10:05am... Her pancreatitis and massive complications were too great for the doctors to overcome... I have been with Jordan for more than 10 years and she lived an amazing life with a father who loved her more than most could possibly understand... Although she did live a long life, her passing is not what hurts as much as the absolute freak unnecessary nature of what happened frown It turned out that all the money in the world could not reverse the devastating damage my Jordan did that fateful day while I was at work... for what? all because of some stupid @#$%$^& sardines? frown >( Death is a guaranteed part of life, it's the when and why I am struggling with... she died sooner than she should of and it was totally preventable and for absolutely no reason whatsoever... I am the one that left the sardine box on the ground by the back door... I understand that what SHE did was unimaginable but that really is of no consequence to me right now and this will haunt me for some time to come... she basically killed herself in my home where she was absolutely the safest, absolutely unbelievable >(

Thousands and thousands of dollars was donated to Jordan's recovery and the owner of my company asked the doctor how much money it would take to save her and the doctor's response was 'even with the absolute most aggressive surgeries and treatment, Jordan's chances for survival were virtually none' ... she was fighting 3 fatal conditions and unfortunately we couldn't get her past the first one... I believe (no, I know) he would of paid ANY amount if Jordan had any realistic chance for life but I guess all the love and money in the world doesn't help sometimes frown Regardless, his act of charity is beyond mind boggling and will never be forgotten.. He knows that Jordan was much more than just a dog to me, she was my life for 10 years and even though many can't understand the bond that a human/dog can share, I am here telling you straight up right now, this hurts... bad! it is absolutely devastating with which words cannot describe frown Goodbye Jordan, may you rest in peace

UPDATE 9-26-06: Jordan is still clinging to life but her outlook is still grave.. she is still fighting the pancreatitus and has been on IV and antibiotics for 7 days now... I am taking Jordan home every night after 12 hours of IV, I figured the extra IV throughout the night and being alone, in a cage, does NOT outweigh the benefit of spending some time at home where she knows and loves and we can spend what could be our final days together

UPDATE 9-25-06: Jordan is currently under the care of Los Gatos Dog and Cat Hospital, please call to inquire about Jordan's condition 408-354-6474

UPDATE 9-22-06: The owner of my company and a HUGE dog lover has stepped up beyond believable... He has helped out financially to get Jordan the best care possible... We have admitted Jordan into a 24hr facility @ United Emergency Animal Hospital where Jordan will get the care needed to help save her life... The list of what they are doing and the costs involved is immense, Jordan is in really big trouble and her survival outlook is grim...

9-20-06: Hello everyone,

My dog of 11 years, Jordan, has gotten herself into quite a mess and her life hangs in the balance... Here is her unbelievable story

On Saturday Sept. 17th, 2006, I came home from work to a bizarre display, something I would consider almost unbelievable.. I open my door to find a fair amount of blood stained cardboard and chewed up sardine cans everywhere! I yelled out to Jordan but she did not respond, I ran around to the middle of the room to see Jordan, who knew she was a very bad girl, cowering to my screams for her... It didn't take long for her to get up and run to the back door to go to the bathroom... She #1'd and 2'd and I brought her back in... Her tummy was bloated beyond words, it was a sickening sight, she had ate and ate until she couldn't eat anymore.. when I cleaned up the scraps of tin sardine cans, she had consumed 7 cans of sardines.. She had opened a box, still in their shipping carton from amazon.com sitting by the front door.. Never in my wildest dreams would I thought my dog would open up a packed from the factory box, then use her mouth to crunch open these cans of sardines! Imagine opening 7 cans of sardines with just your mouth, so unbelievable!

Jordan is is intensive care right now from a multitude of complications.. she had consumed 7 cans of sardines (of a carton of 12).. a healthy food by the one can, times the content by 7 and she is in a world of hurt right now... by the numbers, she had consumed 2940mg of sodium, 1570 calories, 112g of fat (42g of saturated fat) and 112g of protein frown UPDATE: 9-25-06: Upon further thought, Jordan's intake of 112g of fat, 42g of saturated fat is wrong.. it's much worse than previously thought... in those 7 cans of sardines was Olive Oil.. the nutritional numbers I based my original facts on are the sardines, DRAINED... unfortunately Jordan sucked the insides out in their entirety. This means the estimated amount of olive oil she ingested would be up to 2 tablespoons, at 125 calories and 12g of fat per tablespoon and at an estimated amount of 2 tablespoons, that is another 168g of fat ingested making her total in one sitting 280g of fat! This is why her pancreas is failing, this is simply too much fat to be eaten without major complications frown She is a 59lb dog, this is an overdose by all standards and she has been diagnosed with a acute pancreatitis... but it gets worse frown As seen in the pictures, the cans were chewed with her mouth.. she had bled quite a bit, not a pool of blood but blood was everywhere, in her water bowl, all over the cardboard, in the crunched and jagged edged cans... She was not bleeding by the time I got home but her gums were chewed up something fierce, surprisingly her tongue was not cut up at all... Now on to the worse part.. after gathering all the cans, there is a small amount of tin missing, the cans were chewed up pretty good so it's hard to tell how much she had ingested but she definitely had to ingest some... I watched her poop the next day, she had no signs of blood, diarrhea or trauma... I figured maybe this would just pass.. the emergency clinic in Los Gatos wanted $300 to induce vomiting but I thought at the moment it was unnecessary, I mean sardines are good for you, figured this would just pass... Monday morning (18th) I awoke to the smell of vomit, turned on the light to find some vomit with two pieces of tin... this was my worst fear as obviously I could not know for sure she had actually swallowed the tin but she had, what you see in the pic to the left came out of her stomach via vomit a day and a half later frown How much more she ingested is not known and if there is more, she could be a really big trouble frown I took her to my vet first thing and she has been there ever since..

The vet took x-rays but cannot tell for sure how much of the contents in her stomach is food or tin ( I guess the tin/aluminum doesn't really show up on x-rays) but since she had gone #2 six times since the incident, with no blood or abnormalities in her stool, I felt maybe she is in the clear as far as the swallowed metal is concerned... Beyond the tin, the acute pancreatitisis the main concern at this moment... she is on a IV drip and antibiotics to rest the pancreas but this is a very expensive treatment @ $250 a day... with the initial exam and 3 days of IV drip the bill has reached more than a $1000... The vet recommends 5-7 days of IV for best chance of recovery, I simply do not have this kind of money...

Unfortunately I have reached my financial limit, I don't have credit cards and I have emptied my bank account, I do live month to month and I am rarely ahead of the game... Jordan, to survive, might need 2-4 more days of IV and antibiotics and there is a possibility that the tin in her stomach will need to be removed surgically (which is another $1200 for that surgery) This will not be known if it is necessary until after recovery from the pancreatitis... if Jordan continues to go to the bathroom normally and can hold her food down, the tin is either not in there or coming out the back end.. this will take some time to sort itself out...

So, I am pleading to the more well off dog lovers out there, my dog is my life and this is beyond killing me inside... I am trying to get her he best chance for survival but financially I will not necessarily be able to give her her best shot for survival... With no insurance and this kind of money that I absolutely don't have, this is my worst nightmare happening and for what, because my beautiful dumb dog at a bunch of sardines frown unbelievable...

Please know, I want ABSOLUTELY NO money directly and I promise, Jordan promises, that this is 1 million percent legitimate, the vet where Jordan has been receiving treatment is in Santa Clara: Silicon Valley Pet Clinic, 3100 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, Ca 95051, phone number: 408-248-3844 I have asked permission to release this info to the public and Dr. Campbell has graciously agreed...

I would like to make things very clear for you.. Jordan has been receiving treatment since Monday (18th) I agreed to the $200-250 a day full treatment with IV and antibiotics for 3 days which is what I can afford and what is paid for up to this point is a little over a thousand.. Dr. Campbell offered Jordan one extra day of treatment on them! wow, that had really made my day and really showed me they cared about Jordan's well being!! So, this puts Jordan's recovery timetable on IV and antibiotics for 4 days (ending on Saturday 23rd) Can Jordan survive at this point? hopefully, her recovery has been slow to this point, she is not a young dog and she really did some damage to her insides frown

If you would like to inquire about a donation to Jordan's future treatments, not what she has already received and have already paid for but more time on IV/antibiotics past Saturday as necessary and with the hopefully not necessary removal via surgery of the tin in her tummy (which we don't know for sure is there and until that problem reveals itself, we will assume she is OK in this regards!) so please...

Please call Dr. Campbell or ask for head technician Cristina at 408-248-3844 and inquire about possibly giving a donation towards Jordan's future treatment ... and money donated will go to future treatment of the IV or possible foreign object removal surgery, your donations will be refunded if her treatment has been fulfilled...

My dog Jordan deserves a chance to survive, she has been the best dog an owner could ask for for the last 10 years... I saved her from the Santa Clara SPCA in January of 1996 (she was 6 months old) and she has been saving me from loneliness for the past 10 years! seriously, it's been by far the best 10 years a guy could ask for with a dog! Beautiful, obedient, loyal, sweet, an absolutely unbelievable dog!...

Please, if you feel that you can help my Jordan's chance for survival, please help her!. this is only about her, please help save my 11 yr old puppy.. please! Thank you!

Silicon Valley Pet Clinic, 3100 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, Ca 95051, phone number: 408-248-3844

Thank you to all that made donations and for the kind emails, thoughts and prayers... It is really amazing, thank you so much!!!!!!!! I am hoping that all the time and money spent will save her, it is very unclear at this moment but I am not giving up hope!

Jordan's Personal one page website with 55 images of my pretty lady

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Cuddling,- walking, food,- it's all good.
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To say you couldn't have known is obvious, and so doesn't help. So sorry for your loss. We always want to think that we should of had the foresight to see all the dangers, and it just isn't so.

1995 - 2006
Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 9:32am PST 
Thank you Dante, I am slowly lessening my anger towards myself for leaving the box where i did... it will take time but my anger is still with me... she was where she was safest, in our own home and for no good reason she is gone, just like that frown

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Sammy- ♥ - KABX

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Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 9:51am PST 
Awwww... we are so sorry. You could never have known. Dogs will be dogs. This is so sad, but at least you did everything you could. You had 10 long, good years with your wonderful pup so try to focus on that. Try not to be mad at yourself or to keep dwelling on the what if's. You will drive yourself crazy that way. What's done is done, at least she went peacefully and you had a chance to say goodbye. We are thinking about you and know that you find will find a way through this.

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Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 9:57am PST 
We are so sorry for your loss. Please do not blame yourself. There is no way you could have known. You did everything humanly possible to save Jordan. This breaks our hearts, & we know it has broken yours. Doxie kisses...hoping you find peace soon.
Chilly- Bing-bong

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Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 10:24am PST 
RIP Jordan
You will be remembered always.....
With Love and sympathy
Liz and Chilly-Bing bong

Parker - oversized- lap-dog
Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 11:49am PST 
So sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what you feel, but please don't blame yourself for this. I have NEVER heard of a dog opening cans to get at food!! I will be sure to move those items to a higher storage in my home!

Your poor family. Focus on the good times and know that fellow dog-lovers understand and support you in this tough time.
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

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Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 11:52am PST 
Oh my goodness, how incredibly sad this reads. What a tragic thing to have happened and no, you could not have known. I am sure you left things by the front door all the time. I am guessing it must have smelled good to her.

Jordan was so beautiful. I hope that given some time you will post some more pictures of your angel girl as a memorial to her. You loved her veyr much, that is very plain to see and I am sure she knows that you did everything you could to try to save her.

Thinking of you at this incredibly sad time.
Buddie D.- Smith- 1993-2006

Love- Never- Dies
Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 1:07pm PST 
How awful for you. She was a precious girl - I hope the memories of her can bring you some comfort. You are all in our thoughts & prayers... love never dies.


Chia Kitai!
Barked: Mon Oct 2, '06 1:18pm PST 
OMG I only just saw this thread. I am so so sorry. This is truly an accident and you have NOTHING to feel guilty for. The odds have to be a bazillion to one that this would happen. I am so so sorry for your loss. Truly from the bottom of my heart.

Hugs to your boss. Their generoisty was amazing.

Kitai and Mom
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