Rainbow Bridge Doggies - Please Help To Welcome Casper Home Today!!!

Whether a dog dies, is lost or stolen, or must be placed in a new home, this is the place to gather together to give and receive love and support when you experience the loss of a beloved dog.

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Buddie D.- Smith- 1993-2006

Love- Never- Dies
Barked: Thu Sep 7, '06 7:30am PST 
My friend Casper is coming to the Bridge today & I am so excited! I cant wait to see him... I have lots of treats & toys waiting for him. I cant wait to show him around. There are SO many great doggies up here. Lets all rally & have a big welcome party for him! We love you, Casper!


http://www.dogster.com/pet_pa ge.php?i=321146&j=t
◊Kodiak- Bear- 1988-2000

Golden angel,- now I have wings

Barked: Thu Sep 7, '06 9:20am PST 
Grizzly and I will be waiting with open arms...

We can all show him the best places to lay in the cool grass.

I know Casper's family is beside themselves about now, but I think it will be a final gift to him to let him go with dignity and grace.

Thank you for starting this thread...

Love, the Bears
Champy ( In- Loving- memory )

Mom's- Angel
Barked: Thu Sep 7, '06 9:34am PST 
We are waiting with open paws too!!!

We have a thread in the Playdates and meetups forum.
Us Bridge dogs welcome you all to meet us there.

Casper, we are waiting for you Buddy!!!

Deon (In- Loving- Memory)

Classy Southern- Gurl
Barked: Thu Sep 7, '06 9:35am PST 
I visited Casper's page and I have to agree that he lived one of the best lives that a pupster could have. And now that it's time, my friend Casper, may you join us here at the Rainbow Bridge where you will have no more pain. And I assure you that all the wonderful memories that your family has of you will help to ease their pain and see them through this!

Paris - In loving- Memory

To know him is- to love him
Barked: Thu Sep 7, '06 10:07am PST 
We are here for you Casper. We will show you all the fun things you will do with us. Also you wont feel sick anymore

I LOVE water!!!
Barked: Thu Sep 7, '06 10:10am PST 
My sister cat say that she will be there to welcome him. We all say good bye to him and we will se him later!
Misty { In- Loving- Memory }

Gone but never- forgotten
Barked: Thu Sep 7, '06 10:40am PST 
Hi Casper... I'm Misty... It's fun here, being free of pain. I know you will miss your parents, but they'll be along when their time comes and you'll know so you can meet them when they arrive, but for now, come and relax and have some fun, it's always warm, the food is always fresh and the water the perfect temp for a swim., Lots of things to chase and lots of friends.
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Thu Sep 7, '06 11:41am PST 
Dearest Casper, I know my two kitty sisters will be there to welcome you, they are old hands at the Bridge.

Casper sweetheart, may you find eternal peace at the Bridge.

As I lay you down to sleep
Your eternal spirit shines
Our paths will cross again someday
Littlest angel of mine.
- Terri Onorato
Farrah- ♥12/9- 7-3/06

I love Bosco,- Jack & GR
Barked: Thu Sep 7, '06 11:42am PST 
We are waitng for Casper with open paws.
Flash - 6/15/95-12/1- 6/01

I think I am- single
Barked: Thu Sep 7, '06 11:43am PST 
Can't wait to meet him
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