Thank you for inviting me!!

Emme- (Rainbow- Bridge- 11/20/14)

Hello,- EveryDoggie!!!
Barked: Wed Aug 30, '06 11:50pm PST 
I am Emme and I am honored to have been invited to participate in your group, especially since I am not a pure-bred Beagle. My Daddy (Snoopy) is a Beagle & my Mommy (Chelsea) is a Westie.

I am an "oops" as a result of Snoopy wandering 1.5 miles from home to "see" Mommy, who was in her yard, which is surrounded by a chain-linked fence. But Daddy is a determined male and after he "saw" Mommy, 60 days later there were 4 puppies... 2 brindled (me & my brother, Bruno) and 2 white (Chloe & Sadie). I am my Hu-Mommy's first doggie ever.

Anyway, I thank you for inviting me... Mommy always tells everyone that I have the body of a Beagle, and the nose of a Beagle. I must smell EVERYTHING... and I even do some "tracking."

Daisy Beagle

She's a- Beagle/Basset- mix aka Bagel
Barked: Thu Aug 31, '06 3:39pm PST 
Thank you for joining! My Daisy's not full beagle either. She's part basset hound. I think it's cool to see all the different types of beagles. Feel free to invite any of your beagle buddies to the group.
Luther- Aloysius- Morton Bach

I am- Luther...see me- soar
Barked: Fri Sep 1, '06 1:27pm PST 
Murphy, Harry, and I (Luther) thank all beautiful beagles and want all the world to know that to be a beagle is more than breed; it takes heart and stubbornness and love.