limping border collie

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Barked: Fri Aug 25, '06 6:05pm PST 
Bundy has been limping for a while now, I took him to the vet 2 weeks ago and they put him on anti inflammatory pills, and he started to get better. But then Bundy thought it would be fun to jump our fence (fixing that today) and dive down into the dry creek

Now it is much worse, I

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Barked: Fri Aug 25, '06 7:00pm PST 
Did you call the vet? Hopefully it's just a muscle that needs time to heal..
Sorry to hear your not feeling the best hun

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i hurt one of my paws as a pup (after x-rays) the vet decided not to put me on any meds...the vet said if i didn't feel sore i would run around & may further my injury. it took quite a while before i was a 100%

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Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 12:20am PST 
Get the vet to do an x-ray to see if it is a joint problem. It may just be a muscle that needs time to heal but to be sure its not bone or joint, get the x-ray. I had a similar problem when I was a couple months old and with the x-ray they could not find anything wrong... after about 4 months my leg was back to normal. 3 years later, my mom was worried about my gait... she said it seemed odd that I would "bunny hop" so she started checking into it and went to a new vet who diagnosed me with Hip Dysplasia. The only way to know for sure was through x-rays. They are not that expensive and will give your parents piece of mind. Keep us updated and best wishes to you.