Undergoing Heartworm Treatment

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Moose- (adopted)

Don't litter,- spay your- critter!

Barked: Fri Aug 11, '06 7:26am PST 
Hi. I'm Moose. Some of you may know my foster sister Riley. I started heartworm treatment yesterday and my new foster mom said that the shelter was no place for me to be while I was recovering from heartworm so she took home a big wire kennel and then brought me in.

Foster mom knows that I should have very limited activity but was wondering if any dogs had advice/words of wisdom about housing a dog undergoing heartworm treatment. So far I haven't eaten anything (since about 6pm yesterday) which worries foster mom, but I have taken a few sips of water.

Anybody a heartworm survivor?
Paris- (1991-2007)

I Get By With A- Little Help...
Barked: Fri Aug 11, '06 7:30am PST 
no heartworm here but...
dogs can fast for a long time and be okay.
when I had pancreatitis I didn't eat (wasn't allowed to) for 4 days.
good luck you beautiful doggie.
big grin
(good vibes from all of us)

Adopt and Save a- Life
Barked: Fri Aug 11, '06 9:53am PST 
I went through heartworm treatment and the vet kept me there for 5 days to keep an eye on me. When I came home I started to run a very high fever and was taken back for another day. Finally when I left the vets I wouldn't eat either, so the vet said to try Kaeopectate (for infants) to settle my belly and it worked, I started eating my food 2 hrs. after having it. For my size the vet suggested 2 tsp.

Moose- (adopted)

Don't litter,- spay your- critter!

Barked: Fri Aug 11, '06 10:51am PST 
Ah Duke, that sounds like a rough time! I hope I don't get too bad. So far I act ok. Foster Mom is going to call the vet that treated him and get the full report (what treatment they used, things to watch for, etc.). But she thinks that I didn't have too advanced of a case.

Mom made a kong with yogurt and PB and put it in the freezer, and she says she will try and give me that latter tonight. She figures if I can't have exercise then at least my tongue can!
Georgia Girl

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Barked: Fri Aug 11, '06 11:48am PST 
♥Jake&- #9829;- (2/94-6/08)

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Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 1:37am PST 
Hi - I had Heartworm treatment when I was just 2 years old. I was in the vets during the day and at night my mom and dad brought me home. I kept the activity down to a minimum... leashed potty and lots of rest. I wasn't eating well before the treatment so it wasn't unusual for me not to eat well after treatment. My mom always made me home-cooked food when I wasn't eating well. I don't recall anything negative about my treatment (except for the negative heartworm test after it was completed -BOL-)... all went very smoothly and it wasn't long before I was eating well and running around and playing. But by all means, keep the activity low and stay calm and in a quiet room until your recovery is complete.

Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 4:02am PST 
We're sorry to hear about your HW.....we have not experienced it...however, mommy appreciates this forum because it is making her very aware of just how IMPORTANT it is to keep up our heartworm pills......we really hope you feel better real soon! And, what a gem your foster mom is!!! She is doing a really great thing!! KUDOS!
Pierre, Roxy and Figaro!!

You can get- anything if you- sit pretty!
Barked: Mon Aug 28, '06 4:26am PST 
The good thing is that you are only 2yrs. old, it should be a bit easier on you.
The bad thing is, you are 2yrs. old and will want to get out and play!
Just stay on that crate rest or restricted exercise, some dogs get very upset in crates and actually do more harm then good.
I had a foster like that, he would get very worked up so we ended up not using the crate and just keeping him quiet.
He will eat soon I'm sure, the shots can make them very sore too (which is kind of good, to keep them from wanting to move around to much)
Oh, and you will want to keep an eye on his gums, make sure they stay nice and pink, if they start to get pale or white take him to the vet ASAP.
I have had many foster dogs with HW and they all went through treatments fine, except one and he was a very old cocker that was heavily infested.
Oh, and he may cough a bit when the worms are breaking down and moving through the heart but if he starts to cough to much take him to the vet.
We will be keeping our paws crossed for that neg. test!
Beatrix- Kiddo

Yard? What- yard?....
Barked: Sat Sep 2, '06 7:00am PST 
I have been going through heartworm treatment for the past 6 weeks. I had my last two shots a week ago. I'm a not quite 1 1/2 year old rescue dog, the doc said my heartworm was a CLass 2 with no symptoms. I was tired and lethargic and not hungry for a couple of days after treatment but have been fine in between and now I just want to go out and run but my two-legged female said not yet.

The good thing is my diet, I get chicken broth and chicken with my Beneful everyday, I also get rice. My coat has gotten so shiny and I finally get a tiny bit of weight (not to much, don't want to lose my slender physic but I was showing ribs before this).

I think if your mom gives you chicken and rice and some chicken broth you will get your appetite back pretty soon. It's to yummy to resist.

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Beatrix- Kiddo

Yard? What- yard?....
Barked: Sat Sep 2, '06 7:03am PST 
I forgot, mom and dad put my large kennel in the dining room because I cried and cried when it was downstairs. They put a fan in front of it and a nice bed and some toys and safe-chew bones. I spend most of my time out on the first floor but some hours each day in my kennel. I like the kennel set up much better this way, I don;t feel so lonely. Of course I did get mad about the kennel after two weeks and chewed up my bed, but they got me another one (maybe I will chew it and maybe I won't. I also chewed up some shoes and slippers and stuff but I miss my walks so bad).

My vet cardiologist said crate rest for the entire 10 weeks but they mostly did that the first 7 days, then I got to be out more, but no walks and no running around the yard or anything. Everyone is tired and frustrated with the no walks but I have to get well. So far though I have had no complications from the HW treatment.

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