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PON Newsletter?


Bellyrubs make- me smile!
Barked: Tue Jul 25, '06 12:33pm PST 
I am working on the very first Pet-O-Nomics newsletter, which will be coming out next month! (This is only a few days away!)

This is for Dogster members and members of the PON forum. Send Mary (Jade) or me a message with your email if you'd like to be included in our newsletter. We will be having monthly contests for you to enter as well.
♥King- Gus♥

One handsome- man..grrr baby
Barked: Tue Aug 1, '06 6:31pm PST 
I have been bad and havn't really had my secretary write anything for me, but we would like to be included in the newsletter.

Jade Snoop

So delicious,- I'm- Jadelicious!
Barked: Wed Aug 2, '06 7:37am PST 
Hi Gus! Please send us an e-mail at: and we'll put you on our mailing list! =)

Many woofs,

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Queen of the- Collies
Barked: Tue Sep 5, '06 3:34pm PST 
When's the newsletter for this month coming out, GUS? Last month's turned out superfabulaire (don't ask).

♥King- Gus♥

One handsome- man..grrr baby
Barked: Wed Sep 13, '06 4:42pm PST 
Ummm Jade Snoop did I ever send you my email address?
I think I did, but not sure.
I did get one newsletter.
If I did not can you let me know so I can get the newsletter.

Gus's secretary...
Jade Snoop

So delicious,- I'm- Jadelicious!
Barked: Thu Sep 14, '06 2:30pm PST 
Hi Gus! We're running a little late on the September issue, but yes, we have your e-mail address on file! =)

Thanks for subscribing!

The- Hollidawg

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Barked: Mon Oct 16, '06 7:38pm PST 
Jade, Please add my Mom's email address to the newsletter list. She'll make sure I get it.
Jade Snoop

So delicious,- I'm- Jadelicious!
Barked: Tue Oct 17, '06 6:57pm PST 
Hey Holly! We'll add you guys to the list! We're probably going to make the PON Newsletters seasonal because our humans are so busy with their college classes and everything else. But we do promise that the next one will be sent to everyone as soon as it comes out. =)

Thanks for subscribing!