De-skunking the dog

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Pippi- Longstocking

Got treats?
Barked: Tue Jun 20, '06 12:28pm PST 
Does anyone know of a way to de-skunk the dog as well as the house? The old wives' tale about tomato juice does NOT work. It wsa to at least remove the oil, if not the odor, but Pippi is still reeking and I'm skunked fromher as well.

We're about to try the Hydrogen peroxcide, baking soda mix, but if anyone has any suggestions on wht to buy, please let us know. We stillhave to figure out how to get ot off the linens and carpets.

Thank you.

Barked: Tue Jun 20, '06 12:56pm PST 
My poor ol' Summer got skunked twice and yes, it is a very horrible situation to deal with. Unfortunately, I found no really good remidies for this. And, yes, tomato juice does NOT work! We ended up bathing her with the hose outside and scrubbing her with any kind of shampoo we could get. It did work a bit--and her fur was severly matted and dry. We did find an awsome groomer through our vet. They took her right away and had her all day! They have a special skunk bath. The first time you can still smell it a bit, but go back again in a month and it will take care of it. Give that solution a try--if all else fails the groomer will work!

In regards to your house, geez, that's a bad one. My friend's house had a skunk loose in it (brought in from the dog) and she basically had to get rid of everything. She bleached the walls and shampooed the carpet and furniture--she ran utility fans and the air conditioning to flush out the smell. Her house still smelled. She then hired professional cleaners. Hope this helps!!!

Zeus Man
Barked: Tue Jun 20, '06 1:31pm PST 
I have a stupid question: What does skunk smell like?

Zeus dug out of our yard earlier today (first time ever) and now he smells rotten. You can smell him from five feet away, but it kind of smells like another (very dirty) doggy smell.


Barked: Tue Jun 20, '06 1:53pm PST 
Skunk smells AWFUL! I could not even get close to Summer without gagging or my eyes watering. It is a very potent smell. You can smell a skunk like blocks away. Sounds like Zeus may have encountered something else--thank goodness!

Trust me...I'm a- beagle
Barked: Tue Jun 20, '06 2:20pm PST 
Coke works! Baz got sprayed once and a few baths of Coca Cola and he smelt...well like Coke more than eanything (but it's better than skunk!)
Mingus, CGC,- R3GL

Barked: Tue Jun 20, '06 3:52pm PST 
Hey, Zeus -- when you're driving on the NC mountain roads with your mommy and you smell something REALLY strong that smells kinda like something dead, something kinda spicy, and dirt all mixed together.. that's skunk. (Gosh, now that I try to describe it, it's really hard!)
Bodha Lei- (Rainbow- Bridge)

i blame the- cat...
Barked: Tue Jun 20, '06 5:29pm PST 
we use baking soda, peroxide, dish detergent and some really nice smelling shampoo. mix it into a paste let it sit, then rinse. but the trick is to dry him thoroughly! also anytime he gets wet the smell will appear again(lightly) unfortunately you can't take the skunk smell out, only mask it and let it wear away on it's own.

Singing Cowboy- Poet Comic
Barked: Tue Jun 20, '06 5:48pm PST 
Hi Pippi! Sorry you got skunked! I did TWICE this year, and sister got it once. We went outside for our night time "restroom" trip, and we went to check out the new kitty in the yard! That kitty sprayed us with pepper spray, how mean!

Anyway, Mom used the baking soda, peroxide, dish soap mixture. It works better than anything she knows of. Just make sure you leave it on long enough, and rinse well. It helps if you can do this right away, before the scent dries. The baking soda, etc.... neutralizes the thiols, instead of just covering up the odor like perfumes or scented shampoos, or tomato juice confusing your olfactory senses into believing it worked. Best to drink the tomato juice yourself! BOL!

And Mom bought a product called "Pet Force Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator". It's awesome! It's safe for use on all
surfaces, fabrics AND animals themselves! It contains no chemicals or alcohol. You can use it onside or outside!

If you would like more info, just p-mail & I'll send it to you. I am not associated with this product in any way, other than finally finding something that worked for me and being a satisfied customer.

Sorry this is so long. Hope this helps! Meanwhile, try to avoid those stinky "kitties"! : )

He's so cute I- can hardly stand- it!!
Barked: Tue Jun 20, '06 5:58pm PST 
here's the recipe:

35 oz 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 tsp liquid soap

rub into fur, leave on several minutes, then rinse and repeat as needed.

you can try ammonia for walls and floors.

good luck!!

Singing Cowboy- Poet Comic
Barked: Tue Jun 20, '06 6:03pm PST 
That's a great idea, Sailor! The recipe & ammonia for the walls, etc...

Pippi, here is the name of the company for the Odor Eliminator:

O.P. Products, Inc.
(800) 411-8801

Sorry I left it out of my earlier post! : )
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