Other States


Psycho Mutt!
Barked: Wed Jun 14, '06 10:18am PST 
Here is the information I got so far:

Boston, Massachusetts:
"Certified Service animals and guide dogs are allowed on all trains. Dogs are permitted on all trains if they are leashed or carried and they do not annoy any customers or occupy seats. Small animals may be transported on any train if they are carried in an enclosed animal container".

San Francisco, CA:
"Non-service animals may not ride weekdays 5-9am and 3-7pm. During the permitted hours, a muzzled and leashed pet dog (one per vehicle) may be allowed. All other pets and non-service animals must be carried in small closed containers. A fare equal to the owner's must be paid for each non-service animal".

Seattle, WA:
"Assistive dogs ride without charge, and so do small dogs who can sit on your lap. Large dogs, leashed, pay the same fare as you and have to ride on the floor. Other animals, like cats or dogs or monkeys have to be carried in their pet carriers".