I'd Like To Give A Shout Out to MEEEEE!

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

Yukiko,- Angel In- Heaven

Diva Is As Diva- Does, Baby!
Barked: Thu Jun 8, '06 1:58pm PST 
...cuz it's my birth-day, said it's my birth-day, I'm having treats and toys to-day, cuz it's my birth-day. Everybody sing!
Hey, you dogs, anyone with any free time, come on over! Treats and toys and fun for all. It's my birthday! And I'm 3 going on 18 months!! xoxxo Yuki, Dog Super Model

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Barked: Thu Jun 8, '06 8:12pm PST 
What a cutie!! Happy birthday!!!

Everytime I see an all white dog I fall in love... I know I've seen your pics before!

This is why I fall in love, lol... http://www.iheartpaws.com/forums/showthread.php?p=9465#post9465

Wag and Roll
Barked: Thu Jun 8, '06 9:13pm PST 
Happy Birthday Yuki! Today was my birthday too, I am honored to share my birthday with such a beautiful pup! Hope your day was wonderful....did you have to share your cake with Safa? I had to share with my sister....

Birthday wags,

Gypsy Road

I\\\'m Bad!!
Barked: Sun Jun 11, '06 6:42pm PST 
Sorry I'm late, but happy belated birthday to both of you!

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Beautiful- Bassador!
Barked: Sun Jun 11, '06 6:47pm PST 
Happy belated birthday Yuki!

Laughter is the- Best Medicine
Barked: Sun Jun 11, '06 8:52pm PST 
Happiest of birthdays!
Chief Kapono

Chief Kapono
Barked: Mon Jun 12, '06 4:58pm PST 
YAAAAAAY!!! 18 months!

(dancing on 2 feet)

Ruff! Ruff! Congratulations!

Mr. Jump on Me
Barked: Sun Mar 8, '09 6:18pm PST 

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