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Molly (In- loving- memory)

Molly - born to fetch- tennis balls
Barked: Thu Jun 8, '06 10:13am PST 
Molly is recovering from surgery after
bloating last Friday evening. I lost
my brother, Max, to bloat in 2000 at age 6.
Fortunately my mom was home and realized
what was happening (she works at a vet
clinic which helps). Symptoms were trembling in rear legs, panting, not wanting to eat. This is very common in Standard
poodles now and requires immediate intervention so watch out for it. I am feeling very well so far and get my stitches out next week.
Julian Hale- J. of Grnd- Havn

Everybody loves- Julian
Barked: Thu Jun 8, '06 4:25pm PST 
So sorry you went through this again.
Glad to hear that you caught it quickly and that Molly is on the mend.
I know for myself it is something I try to prevent in ways I think will help.
I try to keep the boys quiet before and after their meals. No large consumption of food or water. We feed them 3x a day.
Their bowls were chest high, but the current opinion is that this is not good. So I've compromised and placed their bowls about knee high.
Can you share any more details with us please?
Molly (In- loving- memory)

Molly - born to fetch- tennis balls
Barked: Fri Jun 9, '06 8:01am PST 
We eat three small meals a day too and no exercise for many
hours in between. Our food bowls are on the floor. My brother
Jack had just had a large mole taken off his toe so we hadn't
been on any romps that day. I was resting comfortably and in my usual happy disposition when it suddenly hit. It is a big mystery why it happens. I am a very happy dog living a pretty stress free life. Mom is semi-retired and home a lot and Dad works out of the house. My litter mate and best friend Max died when we were just 6. "They" say there is a 50% chance of bloat if a sibling bloats so Mom has always been very paranoid about it happening to me. I'll be 11 next month and am very spunky
and recovering just fine.

Jack and I do have somewhat sensitive stomachs so we eat
Hill's I/D (dry) that Mom gets at the vet clinic where she works.
We get a few treats a day that she also gets there.

Personally I think that darned cat that lives here had something to do with it. Jack and I don't like her and the feeling is mutual.

Woof Woof

Julian Hale- J. of Grnd- Havn

Everybody loves- Julian
Barked: Wed Jun 14, '06 3:36pm PST 
How is Molly doing?
We are enjoying the lovely weather we are having here in Ohio.
Hope you are out sunning yourselves as well.

Jackson - jumps for joy
Barked: Wed Jun 14, '06 5:25pm PST 
Molly is doing great - she's back to her usual routine
and other than the weird shaved parts on her you
would never know it had happened. She will be 11
in July. Thanks for thinking about her. I will be 6
this Friday and I'm sure glad Molly came back because
I really missed her and howled so much at night my
humans had to let me sleep on the bed with them.

Look into my- eyes. You are- Borismotized.
Barked: Mon Jul 31, '06 6:20am PST 
Hi all. I just got my poodle pups on Saturday and the breeder warned me about bloat. She suggested making small quantities of food available at all times so they never get into the habit of wolfing their food whole. Is this a good idea? it makes it necessary to send them outside a lot more often----since it seems puppies always have to poop after eating. The breeder also suggested that when the pups are neutered we ask the vet to also do a "gastro plexy" at the same time. Our breeder is prone to spelling errors and malaprops so I am not sure if this is the right name for the technique. Will ask vet today when the pups go for their introductory visit. Do y'all have any info for me?

9/15/1990 - 1/12/2008
Barked: Mon Aug 21, '06 10:36am PST 
Suzette just bloated on Friday night, too....she drank a little cup of milk before bed and somehow....poof she was so sick....I knew immediately what it was because she was trying to throw up and nothing was coming out and her belly area was like a balloon....she had surgery for bloat three years ago so I didn't know this was possible.

We rushed her to the vet and I was informed that the surgery from the past can deteriorate over time, but luckily x-rays showed that her stomach did not flip and the results of the past surgery were still in tack.

She stayed there was expected that they would put in a tube to expel the gas, etc....because it was not needed as she somehow resolved it on her's like a miracle, but at age 15, anesthesia would have been dangerous.

Suzette came home the next day, was very weak and tired, but she is doing a lot better.

As you can imagine, I am having anxiety every time she eats or drinks and I am limiting it all to small amounts at a time. And no more milk for her because she goes overboard and laps it up so quickly.

Bloat is such an awful thing, but I wanted to share this because I think people have a false sense of security after the surgery....thinking it cannot happen again....well I guess it can! I read that 4% of dogs re-bloat after it's not common, but it happens.
Molly (In- loving- memory)

Molly - born to fetch- tennis balls
Barked: Tue Aug 22, '06 2:05pm PST 
Oh Suzette - Jack and I are so happy you are recovering.
I am feeling great and sure hope it doesn't happen to me
again (although we were warned it could). My stomach
was tacked down so won't flip again but I could bloat again.

I'm also very happy to hear you're 15! I just turned 11. Jack
also sends his woofs and we'll go leave you a bone.
Agadore Spartacus

I'm a lover, not- a fighter!
Barked: Fri Nov 24, '06 12:09am PST 
Glad you're feeling better! We eat raw or EVO and have read that grains and particularly beet pulp is suspect in bloat cases a good part of the time. We always rest after food. Our doc says the best bet is never to have food,water,and exercise at the same time.

Here's a scritch for your belly!!! scrrrrrrrrritchhhhhhhh!!!

Barked: Thu Mar 13, '08 4:59am PST 
Hi everybody! I just turned 11 weeks old on Wednesday. My breeder also warned my mom about bloat, and after reading this thread, she is even more afraid. Could any of you guys recommend ways to avoid bloat?
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