Hi Everyone!!

Lasers Back- In Black RA,- CGC R

*******Screaming- Laser*******
Barked: Mon Jun 5, '06 9:42pm PST 
Just wanted to introduce myself. I am Laser and I am a Belgian Sheepdog so of course I am Black!! Looking forward to getting to know all of you

protecting my- house 1 woof at- a time
Barked: Mon Jul 31, '06 3:50pm PST 
hey i'm new too.

Life is good
Barked: Fri Aug 4, '06 2:36pm PST 
Hi you guys.
Happy to meet you two beautiful black puppies. My name is Samba aka Sam. Not to state the obvious, but I'm a cat! My daughter Meme and I belong to this group. Meme is not too fond of dogs as a big mean one kept her trapped under a wood pile for 2 days. So needless to say she has developed a small (not really so small) attitude where dogs are concerned.
But I've got no problems with dogs, as long as they don't try to hurt me then I could probably develop a problem rather quickly. But I'm sure the same could be said for you guys.

RXN, Pilot

never give up
Barked: Mon Aug 7, '06 6:48am PST 
Very happy to meet you all.

Just rub my feet- and I'm YOURS
Barked: Fri Aug 18, '06 12:04pm PST 
I wanted to say hello as well. My name is Shelby and I'm the newest Black Beauty on the block. Today is my first day on dogster and my first day in the group. I fit right in just check out my shiny black coat!
♥ Petunia ♥

A 3X threat:- Beauty, Brains,- and Brawn
Barked: Wed Aug 23, '06 4:32pm PST 
I would like to take this opportunity to say that I'm so happy to meet you all and to also introduce myself. Technically, my coat is not considered black, but rather a very dark brindle. I still wanted to join this forum though since I find all the members to be so good looking! Hey, at first glance people do think I'm black LOL ;-P

Wavey Girl
Barked: Sun Aug 27, '06 5:18am PST 
Hey fellow blacksters. My name is Wave and I have a gleeming black coat (that's beginning to turn grey in places...but shhhhhhhh...I refuse to get old!)
Princess (in- loving- memory)

Ready to ride!
Barked: Sat Sep 2, '06 8:58am PST 
Hello, everyone is so beautiful and gorgeous.
Mr.- Fitzwilliam- Darcy

Barked: Sat Jun 2, '07 8:28pm PST 
Hello hello. Just new this thing. In fact, I wasn't even born yet when you blackies started chatting.

I am still a baby cat, but I am all black and very shiny and elegant.

It's very nice to meet all of you.
♥- Happy aka- Blackfur

I'm- Happy!!!
Barked: Sun Jun 3, '07 4:35pm PST 
Hi everyblacky!!
I'm the admistrator of this group and am very glad to see a lot of "Black Beautys" in this group.
Well, to those newbies "WELCOME!!!"