Mixed Breeds...Unique Combinations?

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Cloe Mae *RE-HOMED* I love you

Run, run, run
Barked: Sat Apr 22, '06 10:55am PST 
Are there some combinations of breeds that you simply cannot form an image of in your mind? What got me thinking about this was actually Ruffian. I had to read that about three times...Lhasa Apso/Pit Bull. What's amazing is that he can look like two entirely different dogs, depending on whether his coat is long or clipped. Can you think of any that you just cannot imagine because the mix is so unique?

The best things- come in little- packages
Barked: Sat Apr 22, '06 7:46pm PST 
I could have never imagined Ruffian either! Turned out cute though!

How about a yorkie and a Brittany wink Seriously, that would be one interesting looking dog.

Naked Noid
Barked: Sat Apr 22, '06 8:00pm PST 
How about this dogster dog, his name is Helmutt and is cute as cute can be! He is a Chihuahua/boxer X



Shortogus- Maximus
Barked: Sat Apr 22, '06 8:15pm PST 
How about a dalmatian pug mix?Ahh!
Lady Bug

Barked: Sat Apr 22, '06 8:22pm PST 
The most weird mix would be a cat and a dog. But I don't see that happening anytime soon.

P.S: I did hear about that story with the guy's dog breeding with an cat.. and I don't believe it.

Full of- RATtitude!
Barked: Sat Apr 22, '06 8:34pm PST 
Someone once asked my mom if I was a Doberman/Chihuahua mix!
She thought it was a ridiculous question but after looking at the Boxer/Chi mix I suppose it could be possible.

Do you think it would look just like me?

I'm A Great- Big Chocolate- Kiss!!
Barked: Sun Apr 23, '06 12:29am PST 
Personally, being a mixed chick myself, I think that all mixes are unique. But some mixes I cannot imagine would be Mastiff/Yorkshire Terrier, Mini Dachsund/Malamute, and Chinese Crested/Great Dane.
Cloe Mae *RE-HOMED* I love you

Run, run, run
Barked: Sun Apr 23, '06 5:04am PST 
I went to Fort Woof after mommy posted this and there was a pup there who was very sweet and a little shy. She was a Whippet/Border Collie. She had the body of a Whippet with the markings and face of a BC. Cute as could be!

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Jackie Poo,- NPC

I swear, I- didn't do it
Barked: Mon Apr 24, '06 6:25am PST 
we get weird looks when we tell that I'm half JRT and half STANDARD poodle. I think it's the mechanics of that that confuses people.
Ruffian is truly unique. Most pit mixes I've seen are geared towards machismo...Lhasas don't really fall into that category. Truly a good looking dog though.

Play with me! - Now! WOOF!
Barked: Mon Apr 24, '06 6:44am PST 
We were walking the other day and two ladies asked mama, what I was. She said a "Huskie Mix, but we're not quite sure on what mix anymore".

The ladies laughed and said, "must be a Chihuahua mix".

What? Mommy doesn't think so..... but who knows, I'm kinda little and my paws aren't hudge, so momma doesn't think I'm Lab or German shepard mix any more.
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