do u get spanked?

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Tobi (Bibi)- (RIP booboo)

Constant licker
Barked: Sat Mar 11, '06 7:51am PST 
when i'm a bad boy daddy gives me a spank, mommy is starting to have doubts, sometimes she thinks it's necessary...she doesn't spank as hard as daddy...i usually laugh at mommy's spank cuz it's just so gentle...do u get spank?

btw, i got spank cuz i stole another one of mommy's underwear again...it's ruined...oops
Kaiser - My sweet boy- is gone

The Mister
Barked: Sat Mar 11, '06 8:33am PST 
No, I don't believe in spanking.

for Rio - CYSTS BE GONE!!
Barked: Sat Mar 11, '06 8:35am PST 
No spanking here - I hate to see a dog that cowers around a raised hand. I prefer positive methods - we use clicker training here.

♥Icku- s♥

Its 6.00pm my- dinner time
Barked: Sat Mar 11, '06 8:38am PST 
No No No No spanking here

Poor you!!

Open your
Barked: Sat Mar 11, '06 8:40am PST 
I used to get spanked at my old home for everything, and let me tell you, I didn't learn anything. All it did was make me scared and give me behaviour problems. Thankfully a wonderful rescue came and got me and now I'm in a great home!

My new home doesn't spank me, and boy, does that make me happy! I didn't learn anything at all from getting spanked, but with patience, I'm learning a ton at my new home. My mommy believes in doing your best to let the dog know what they did right, not what they did wrong. I do my best to be a good dog, and my mommy says that if I do something bad (like getting into the plant yesterday...) it's my mommy's fault for not keeping a close enough eye on me. I'm sure I'll learn more right from wrong really soon, but until then, I'm happy and learning to trust people again!

Barked: Sat Mar 11, '06 8:43am PST 
I never get spanked. Just mom`s opinion, but it is possible to train any dog without using strong physical force. We were always told to never hit a dog...just makes them handshy. Also, you should never punish them after they did something...if your pup stole something and you punish them afterwards when they are carrying it in their mouth, it doesn`t do much. You have to catch them AS or just before they are grabbing it to really curb the behaviour. Spanking is not necessary, especially for a small dog like you... smile

R.I.P my gorgous- boy
Barked: Sat Mar 11, '06 8:50am PST 
No as my human and I feel it is not nessary dogs can not understand what they have done wrong so it is not fair my hnuman nips me when I go for the kitten for her food but that's rare and my last human hit me my current human only has to call me over and move her hand over my head and I cower it's not nice and she's not even keen on it towards humans.

I'm tired of the- "High and- Mighty" ones
Barked: Sat Mar 11, '06 10:39am PST 
We do not approve of spanking here, either, in a sence.

We do pop Kona on the butt, but never with our hand. We do not want her to think "Hand= Hit"

So, we use a newspaper. Just as effective. Now, if she does a no-no, we say, "Do you want me to get the paper?" and she knows to stop what ever she was doing and go on. We have not had to pop her with it for over 2 months now. We mostly did it because she liked to bite and snap at the kids if they were playing.

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Barked: Sat Mar 11, '06 11:04am PST 
Spanking? Noooo!!!! Mommy only believes in positive reinforcement. Hitting your dog will only make them fear you.

Did you say- food?!
Barked: Sat Mar 11, '06 11:05am PST 
No way! Mommy says she would never do that! We aren't human kids and we shouldn't be disciplined like we were.

I'm a bit nawtee sometimes, and all Mom needs to do is say "NO" and then ignore me for a few minutes. or if she catches me RIGHT in the act of something she will give me a small "thump" on the nose with her fingers....which startles me out of whatever I'm doing.

It's just not fair though, you know? If I can jump up to where the cat food IS, I should be able to eat it, doncha think??
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