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Born to jump
Barked: Mon Mar 6, '06 4:54pm PST 
Unfortunatley our mommy is being forced to rehome 3 of us, Me(barkley), sheeba and shadow. She wants to find great homes for us. All of us need homes with 6 foot fences because we can jump a 4 foot fence. We're all very sweet. If you're interested in adopting one of us or want to know more about us, please email our mommy at tville_loser@yahoo.com

I LOVE water!!!
Barked: Tue Mar 7, '06 7:38am PST 
Why do you have to be rehomed??? It's sad...

Barked: Tue Mar 7, '06 8:17am PST 
Our mommy's parents dont want her living here with us anymore and she can only take 3 doggies with her where she is moving. Our mommy is very sad =(


I LOVE water!!!
Barked: Thu Mar 9, '06 11:20am PST 
oh I see...
maybe your mom could apply to have a hobby kennel licence... Mom was currently doign this. Normaly she could only have 3 dogs but with that she could have up to 6. That is the law in my region... I suggest to check with your MD to find out what you could do!
Best luck!!!
BonBon, for- adoption

Sweetness and- Charm
Barked: Mon Mar 27, '06 3:13pm PST 

My Brother and I need to find a new loving home as well.
Our person is disabled, and wants us to have a home with a healthy person.

Barked: Sat Apr 15, '06 11:41am PST 
Hi Barkley our mom knows what your going through all to well thats why she doesn't go dogo nomores.