Anal sacks?

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Barked: Thu Mar 2, '06 1:47pm PST 
My pug Petey tends to have anal sac leaking, especially when sitting on laps. The vet said he is normal (no growths or infections) and that fiber may help. I occasionally add oatmeal to his food but it doesn't seem to help frown

I "express" them when I bathe him as well.

Any tips?
Riley Bohman

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Barked: Thu Mar 2, '06 3:17pm PST 
Yikes! I expressed mine at the vet's once (hehe, that'll teach them), but I don't really know how to prevent that/why it might be happening to you so often. I know that mine were "expressed" when I was terrified - maybe you're just a bit of a nervous doggie and when you calm down you will be a little less... leaky? Hope everything works out!

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Barked: Thu Mar 2, '06 4:10pm PST 
If you want to add more fiber, add canned pumpkin (but not pumpkin pie filling). It is a great source of fiber.


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Great topic *BOL* Seriously, I will field this one since my sister Bella would not like to admit to such things. All I know is that almost ever pug I know and lots of Bostons as well have this smelly situation. There isn't really anything wrong per se, I bet it happens to big dogs as well but is not as noticable since they aren't sitting on you!! You won't believe this but many years ago, my big brother Filo (lab/shar-pei) accidentally got dad in the face while mom and dad were driving in the truck with him in the middle. Mom is sure glad that she had the front end pointed at her at the time, daddy almost wrecked the truck he was so mortified. My stepdad used to work at a vet many moons ago and frequently expresses ours for us. Maybe we could try some fiber. You know, Bella loves veggies like brocolli which is high in fiber too. Me, not so much....
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