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Barked: Wed Mar 1, '06 6:50pm PST 
I was curious to see if there were any local Atlanta dogs out there?
♥ Duke ♥

Who needs cats,- I have Jasper.
Barked: Wed Mar 1, '06 7:15pm PST 
Welcome to Dogster. I hope you have fun here. I'm sending you a pal request.
Harley- Gill-God's- tiny angel

Harley-whatcha- eatin' ? Gill
Barked: Wed Mar 1, '06 8:45pm PST 
hey welcome to all the fun here on dogster! I will send you a friend request too!

Lucky CGC- -9/17/1996-2- /25/2008

RIP- Sweet- Angel
Barked: Thu Mar 2, '06 9:42am PST 
Welcome, request on its way.