Casper is in Critical Condition

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Eskies Rule!
Barked: Thu Feb 23, '06 5:47pm PST 
Hello All,

Casper is currently in critical condition at the hospital. He is suffering from Evans Syndrome. He was fine and healthy then suddenly collapsed on Saturday while playing. His immune system started attacking his red blood cells. It is like his body thinks it is allergic to his own blood. His red blood cell count and platelet count keeps dropping. Even after 2 blood transfusions, it keeps going down. The vet says it is hard to tell what triggered this and in most cases they never determine the cause. He has been fighting this since Saturday and his chance of survival is dwindling as the days go by. Please pray for him. We need a miracle.

I am posting updates on his situation on this message board

http://www.eskie.net/forum/aed/thread.php?threadid=4997&boardid= 4&sid=2525fd508a7ff19af0e83f784f90223f&page=1

http://www.eskie.ne t/forum/aed/thread.php?threadid=5071&boardid=4&styleid=1&sid=8cfee58 f95bf7d76c58e9c53ef0fc219

Casper's Family

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Dusty Dawg- 12/28/98-01/- 09/13

Yeah for- Summer!!!
Barked: Tue Feb 28, '06 11:48am PST 
It is great to hear he is on the road to recovery!!

Good luck!!
Lucy - 2004-2009

Keep on- Whoooo-in
Barked: Tue Feb 28, '06 2:37pm PST 
Wooooo Roooooooo!
Glad your better Casper! God's speed to a full and healthy recovery,
From Lucy, Iggy,
(Becky and Dave--bipeds)


I LOVE water!!!
Barked: Tue Feb 28, '06 7:46am PST 
We are so happy to hear you get better and better!!! Keep going we are all with you Casper!!!

Lil' Dog
Barked: Tue Feb 28, '06 12:40pm PST 
Yay! I'm so happy for you, Casper & Casper's mom!

Continue improving! There are a lot of doggies worried about you!
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Tue Feb 28, '06 8:22am PST 
That is such good news Casper, I will do my squeally happy dance in your honour!

The pup with the- nice tush.
Barked: Mon Feb 27, '06 11:34pm PST 
May God bless you Casper and your whole family! We have tears of joy! Now take it easy. Just relax and be pampered. The power of prayer, the doctors, and a little help from St. Francis! Whatever, we are just so happy you are home and feeling better.

Kisses and hugs,
Yoshi, Michele and Warren

Napoleon- our Kissy Boy
Barked: Thu Feb 23, '06 6:05pm PST 
Poor Casper,
That must be so frightening.
We hope they can help Casper soon.
Best get well wishes to you!

Barked: Tue Feb 28, '06 10:58am PST 
Woooooooooof, what a wonderful day, to hear that you are on the mend and will be right as rain after you have convelanced and taken all your meds, we are soooo happy lots of barks and kisses from us all. your pup pals. William, Morgan, Bonnie, and Patrick.

50 lb lap dog!!
Barked: Thu Feb 23, '06 6:05pm PST 
Oh no!

We will pray for Casper and your family tonight. I hope the vet can help him.

Love and prayers,
Molly & family
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