what is the WORST comment youve gotten about your DOG?

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Barked: Sun Jan 22, '06 9:42pm PST 
rant here!
Dolly "D"

Divalis- ious
Barked: Sun Jan 22, '06 9:44pm PST 
dirty ol mop head!!!!

George- Underwood

Barked: Sun Jan 22, '06 10:12pm PST 
My vet said: Oh poor George I bet all the other pups make fun of your crooked teeth!

My mommy got really peed off and said some not so kind things about the vets appearance on the way home in the car!

BOL..Aren't Mommy's grrreat!

Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 5:45am PST 
The people who scream "it's a pit" and run the other way

Seriously,- scratch my butt!
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 7:01am PST 
When I was a younger pup, people would comment that I was awful active not to be trained. I was a PUP, for heaven sake, and pups ARE active.

I'm much better trained now and not so darned active.

LUV YA ALL!!! =)
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 7:19am PST 
Okay, nobody didn't tell nothing bad about me, but everytime when I go in walk wif my pal Roky (a dog) everybody stops to pet HIM! And they say, oh look how cute white doggie, what's his name? What breed is he? and so on..
Hello, I'm here too! I'm a cute dog, am not invisible!! Pet me too! Tell me how cute am I! Jeez, who needs them anyway..

But everyone thinks Roky is a girl,and I'm the neutered one! hehe -I'm know I'm mean but I can't help myself puppy
Ziero - CGC, Rest in- peace 11/

I'm smarter than- your Honor- Student!
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 7:37am PST 
I'd have to second what Sabrina said... That or "get those mean dogs away from me..."

I always laugh in those people's faces and tell them that if they were mean, the people wouldn't have the chance to say what they just did... BOL

Then again, I have always been a bit outspoken, just like my Z-Dog buddy.

2 kool 4- obedience skool!
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 7:44am PST 
My dog is being called "stupid dog" my a long time friend. I know she is joking, but hey he is a member of our family....!!!!!

I love- everyone:)
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 7:50am PST 
We went to the vet for the first time and she kept calling Bailey "him"! HELLO can't you see that she is clearly NOT a him!!!! You are her doctor!

The best things- come in little- packages
Barked: Mon Jan 23, '06 8:02am PST 
There is one person who always told me that I stink and I need to be groomed and get my hair brushed (which is really of relection of my mom rather than me) so my mom said, "Do it yourself if you have a problem with it" and the person hasn't said anything since.
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