KC stinks

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My miracle baby
Barked: Fri Jan 20, '06 5:19pm PST 
KC smells really bad even after a bath. How can i make him smell better?

A Doggie Scholar
Barked: Sat Jan 21, '06 4:37am PST 
Is the odor localized? If the funky smell is coming from his head, for example, it might be because he needs his ear/teeth cleaned. In worse situations, it can also be an ear/mouth infection which will need treatment.

If his odor is coming from everywhere, changing his foods can work wink. People say that when they switch to a more "premium" brand of foods, the doggie odor seems to magically disappear.

Otherwise, simply try bathing him again and see what happens? smile They also sell doggie colognes in pet stores - you won't be solving the problem per say, but at least you won't have to suffer from the stink as much.

No- sleeping...only- playing!
Barked: Sat Jan 21, '06 12:20pm PST 
When you wash KC, make sure you are using a dog shampoo, not people shampoo. Also, lather and rinse more than once. I'm a dog groomer, and I wash every dog I groom at least three times. Just make sure the final rinse gets all the soap out.


Bossy Boots
Barked: Sat Jan 21, '06 11:36pm PST 
KC stinks even after a bath ? is it his breath that smells?How are his teeth? Has he any skin irritations like hot spots because they smell at times, or maybe he is eating raw meat I notice my George used to smell when he ate raw meat. Anway hope the stink has gone by the time you read this hope someone can give you good advice.From George and Sammy's mum.

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Barked: Wed Jan 25, '06 4:57am PST 
I gave Hershey a bath a week ago with a Hartz puppy shampoo, and I noticed a couple of days after that she still had a funky smell about her, but it seemed localized around her head. I figured it was either her ears or her wrinkles. When I bathe her I usually don't get her head wet. I used a moist hand/face wipe and cleaned out her ears and in and around her wrinkles - MUCH BETTER! The raunchy smell is gone (hooray!)

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Barked: Wed Jan 25, '06 12:29pm PST 

Please be careful of HARTZ. I haven't experienced anything but, I have read about it.