Grooming a rescue

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DeMamma and my- boy and me makes- a team
Barked: Tue Aug 4, '09 4:54pm PST 
I have a 20 month old male and I have had him for over 4 months now. I groomed him myself the first time while he was still slightly out of it from being neutered. He was afraid of the clippers. His fear is not so bad now and I am hoping on doing a better job but there is still some mats I never did get out on his head. How is a good way to clip him. How do I keep him brushed out nice when his hair grows back in. My son loves his hair long so in the future I would like to keep his hair longer. For now though I think I will need to cut it short to grow in without any mats. Any advice on proper tools would be appreciated. I have a slicker brush i think that is the name and a comb which teeth turn and a good set of clippers. I want to take good care of him please help me. Books I have looked at are very confusing because of the many different styles. He is a Autism service dog in training not a show dog or anything like that.