White tips on ears of a black Standard?

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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 12:17pm PST 

I have a 14 month old black standard poodle, and I noticed about 4 months ago that she has white tips on the bottom on her ears. I've read that black standards will get grey as they get older, but this seems unusual with Charley being so young. Has anyone else seen this? Charley also has a small patch of blackish brown in her face as well, which is sometimes visible in pictures. Otherwise, the rest of her coat is a deep black. I got Charley from what I guess would be considered a "backyard breeder"--it was this older woman who two standard poodles had puppies for the first and only time. Her Mom was brown and her Dad was a black. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

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Barked: Mon May 25, '09 5:09pm PST 
Are the tips white or just gray? I'm no expert and not a breeder but looking at your pictures, it appears that your poodle could be a blue, not a black. Blues are often born black and can take up to 4 years to fully make the transition to their true "blue" color. You can often tell because they have a lighter muzzle when shaved than a true black. The color "blue" really means a dark slate gray color and is very attractive. When in the midst of transitioning, they often will have a slight brownish cast to their black coat as opposed to a true black, who will not have that. So this would be my guess. I've seen other blues whose ear edges are the first to start changing into the grey or "blue" color.
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Barked: Tue Jul 28, '09 4:44am PST 
I believe you are a blue. I am 2 years old and looked really black when mommy purchased me. However, I had the brown cast in the sunlight and my muzzle looks brown as well in spots. Also, I am now getting some white hairs throughout my coat.