Husky in heat and housebreaking issues continue..

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Barked: Tue Oct 16, '12 8:57pm PST 
As of Oct 6th Rox started her "heat" cycle. So far she is a little skittish but not to bad. She growled at 2 dogs at pet smart a week ago which she has never growled before, so the vet said it is most likely bc she's in heat and she will be back to normal soon.

Now I have to live with the frustration of house breaking her. Down to having maybe a handful of accidents a month. I get up and bring her out, feed her and goes out again, get home and take her out, feed her taker her out again and a few more times after that. There has been a couple times but only every now and then where I blame myself because I slept in which rarely happens, and she peed in her cage. I know I have to take her outside longer than usual because she is picky and takes forever to find her "spot". She will also( I noticed this week) pee a little bit...hold it...than a few mins later pee again. It is literally like a trickle then just stops. Never fails We can goto the park for 3 hrs and come home let her do her business before going inside then once inside, surprise!..wet spot on the carpet. Im also getting frustrated because since she started heat she seems to be having double the accidents! I took her out last night. We stayed out there for about 30 mins she peed twice and pooped. We go inside tell them to go in their rooms(crates) and she had 3 very small pee accidents 3 times in 30 mins. My BF says it's her stubbornness and she's being a "bad dog" but it just seems unlike her. She goes to the vet, our family vet( im so done with banfield!!) and i have so many questions for her now and want her to check for bladder issues and such. Another frustrating thing is she's had so many accidents this month the white part of her coat is yellow...any good product recommendations to use to get the stains out?

and no worries I plan on fixing her in a few months.
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Barked: Sun Oct 21, '12 3:27pm PST 
That really sounds like a urinary tract infection. Have you done a urinalysis yet? It's only like $20 and you don't need an appointment, just collect in a sterile container and take it straight to the vet. You can refridgerate it for a few hours if necessiary but the fresher the better.

A heat cycle will make urinary problems worse, since everything down there is swollen right now.

The taking time to pee, only going a bit at once, and being cranky could all be due to pain from infection.

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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '12 7:02am PST 
We had this problem with our bulldog mix pup and couldn't figure it out. She went into heat and her accidents increased 10 fold. She was spayed while in heat and she had one accident the day of her surgery (understandable) and one more about a week later when we were our of the house for an extra long amount of time. I honestly think her spay solved the problem. Think about it, all that extra pressure down there. Anyways, even in heat she would ring the bell on the door constantly to go out though not every time. Does she tell you she has to go? Or just let it slip? I remember housebreaking Dreamy and that was rough. Come to think about it, I think all her accidents faded out after her spay too but I'm not sure. Been acomplishment years since then lol. Good luck!


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Barked: Tue Nov 27, '12 7:58pm PST 
Im planning on getting her spayed in the next couple of months. Since we have moved out of our apartment and into my parents for a few months she has been sooooo much better. She goes to the back door when she needs to go and does her little bark/growl, this is a huuuuuge deal because she wouldn't communicate at all really if she needed to go. She hasn't had an accident in a little over a month now. She jumps up and down when I shout "lets go outside" or if i say "wanna go out?!" and her ears perk up and she bolts to the door. She has her morning routine and has memorized it, out the crate and straight to the door, she sits and waits patiently. Im keeping my fingers crossed that she continues to improve, not going to lie I was losing hope but i think staying with my parents especially in a house, has really helped her a lot