Is my husky a wooly?

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I got Lily from a pet store that only works with certain breeders. Now, we got her at 8 weeks old, she had literally just been driven from the breeder to the store.

She was extremely fluffy...and I figured it was due to the fact that she was just a tiny baby.

Here is an example


Here she is at 1 years old


http://tinypic.com/r/4l0v1u/ 6

You can see she is VERY fluffy but I don't think as fluffy as a wooly... I see other Huskies who have that short coat and I just wonder why she is long haired.

Don't get me wrong, I love her to bits and pieces and don't mind the fluff at all- it just gets really annoying when another husky owner will come up to me with their 6 year old short haired husky and tell me to my face that my dog is not a Siberian Husky based on the way she looks (yes, that was an actual conversation at the dog park recently).
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It saddens me on how other husky owners don't know the husky breed and how their are short coated and wooly coated Siberians. That's like someone told me that my Siberian husky Luna isn't pure bred because she's bi-eyed. I guess ppl just think that ALL siberians have blue eyes. Majority of them do have two blue eyes instead of brown or bi-eyed but just because you see a husky with two brown eyes or one blue eye and one brown eye or even one of their eyes have two colors in them doesn't make them a mix.

As for your question, in my opinion I think she is a wooly coat.
Here are pics of my Siberian from the day she was 3 days old to this day. (There is a long story of why I got Luna at 3 weeks old. Bottom line she was better off with me than the person I got her from)

Luna - 3 weeks old

Luna - 2 months and 21 days old

Luna - 3 months and 16 days

Luna - 8 months

Luna still has a thick coat but it's still considered a short coat. Btw your Sibe is gorgeous
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She is wooly.

Wooly-coated Sibes are still Sibes, but they do fall outside the AKC standard for the breed. A wooly coat collects snow and ice and hinders a dog's ability to do it's job, so breeders should be watching their lines to make sure that trait doesn't show up.

That said, there are long-hair genes in many breeds (including Mastiffs, Weimerainers, Rottweilers and more) that show up from time to time regardless of how careful the breeder is. It isn't always a mark of a sub-par breeder, nor does it mean the dog itself is sub-par (you just can't show it). As a family dog, the only difference is the amount of grooming you'll need to do.

When breeders have dog after dog coming out wooly, are actively breeding for wooly coats and/or presenting them as rare... Then you're looking at a problem.


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I love the woolly coat! dog walk

Great name btw! hehe~

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Your husky is a plush coat which is breed standard. The others are short coat and not breed standard which means they cannot be shown at any dog show representing the breed.
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Guest, can you link to some AKC champion Siberians with coats like the OP?

This is a correct coat for a show dog.

This is a short coat, which is not favorable.

From the AKC standard (emphasis mine):
"The coat of the Siberian Husky is double and medium in length, giving a well furred appearance, but is never so long as to obscure the clean-cut outline of the dog. The undercoat is soft and dense and of sufficient length to support the outer coat. The guard hairs of the outer coat are straight and somewhat smooth lying, never harsh nor standing straight off from the body. It should be noted that the absence of the undercoat during the shedding season is normal. Trimming of whiskers and fur between the toes and around the feet to present a neater appearance is permissible. Trimming the fur on any other part of the dog is not to be condoned and should be severely penalized. Faults--Long, rough, or shaggy coat; texture too harsh or too silky; trimming of the coat, except as permitted above.

The most important breed characteristics of the Siberian Husky are medium size, moderate bone, well balanced proportions, ease and freedom of movement, proper coat, pleasing head and ears, correct tail, and good disposition. Any appearance of excessive bone or weight, constricted or clumsy gait, or long, rough coat should be penalized.

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Lily is a beautiful dog, but she is a wooly. Coming from a pet store, she is from a BYB or a puppy mill. Legitimate breeders do not sell to pet stores. However, that doesn't mean that she can't be a great pet and a wonderful dog.

Happy thanksgiving.