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Barked: Fri Dec 10, '10 6:52pm PST 
Hi all, we just adopted a Siberian Husky pup after she came to our doorstep with just a rope around her neck. Posted ads and checked for microchip. Anyways, she's very good with my kids and myself and plays well with my shiba inu (how in the world do I have these 2 in one house?). She does not guard her items from us, but yet she does guard items from my shiba. She growls if Sheba comes near her 'bed' or advances to take a toy (in this case Sheba just wants to play) or will hover over her bowl of food.

Any tips on how to get my Jolie to stop doing this? I should add that she doesn't appear to be spayed (set that up for Tuesday) and this could be contributing right?

Maya --&- Ramses--

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Barked: Sat Dec 11, '10 9:17am PST 
Hmm, my two sib pups do this all the time, and they have been together for two months now. I had to work with Maya because she wouldnt let me touch her bowl and that was simply not acceptable. I needed her to stop it in case she grabbed something in the future I needed to take from her ot something, I couldnt have her biting me.

My pups exchange bowls from time to time, unless I am present, they stay in their rightful bowl. My boy Odin eats the most, so what I do is that i fill his bowl...so at the end he doesnt go to Maya's bowl. Sometimes Maya doesnt eat and stays by her bowl and if Odin comes she growl...and he lets her be. >_> I dont know if this is 'right' but I was just saying. I havent had a problem this far...

Honestly, Im not sure how I would train a dog to not guard his toy... maybe you could put them together and have only one toy. Give it to one of them, and then take it and give it to the other...if there are no growls or anything...praise and treat. I ABSOLUTELY swear...I havent even read about this...this is just a simple random suggestion.

Good luck, and lucky you! I know Im happy to have my pups smile

Barked: Fri Dec 17, '10 4:16pm PST 
Hi! I'm new here, but my Gwen does the same thing if other dogs get too close to her food while she is eating. She won't hurt or attack them but will give them a warning growl and show her teeth if they persist, or give them a warning nip if they REALLY don't get it.

She has no problem during feeding time however with my other dog. They get fed at the same time, we just give them their own bowls and space them out at different ends of the kitchen and they leave each other alone.
I also always make sure to give both of them the same treats, separately but at the same time. I'll hold one treat in one hand and one in the other and stretch my arms out to give one to each dog so they eat them separately, one on each side of me. This also puts me in the middle in case one wants to go check out what the other one got, I can stop them.

I do think that some level of food guarding is fairly normal behavior when used only as a warning to establish to the other dog that they are the top dog, which is the context my Gwen would do it in. Gwen came to us as a puppy from a breeder though, while yours came to you probably already having been hungry and without food for awhile or without knowing when her next meal would be, so I don't think Jolie is trying to establish pecking order but maybe is scared that Sheba is going to take away her "last" meal.

A lot of dogs who are rescued feel this way, some grow out of it when they realize they aren't going to go hungry anymore but some never will. I would at least feed them at the same time but in separate rooms or areas, and make sure they're both getting the same exact thing, maybe even buy two identical sets of toys. I also remember reading somewhere that taking them on walks together on one of those coupler leashes so that they have to walk side by side with each other helps them bond too, I haven't tried that though so I can't speak as to whether or not it really works.

Jolie is such a pretty girl though and I hope she gets along better with Sheba in her new loving home!

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