Have you heard of this? New husky forum- pretty neat

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Snow Dog of the- South
Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 1:30pm PST 
Bailey Mae introduced me to husky-owners.com and in turn I found out about another forum geared specifically toward educating husky owners about raw feeding.

I thought I'd come share it with you!

Bailey Mae

Bailey Mae - I'm a Diva Dawg
Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 3:08pm PST 
Very cool! I actually learned of the other forum from a reader here. smile
Embry & Zoey

Selective- hearing? Psh I- just don't care
Barked: Thu Dec 2, '10 4:28pm PST 
yup that was me smile
I'm on two other Husky forums

http://www.itsahuskything. com/