i got two questions!!

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Barked: Fri Oct 8, '10 11:31pm PST 
ok guys I was asked two questions but do't really know how to answer them. Can you guys help?? The first is from Victoria:"What would be the Best food for Winter months for a Sibe?" and the second is from Dawn:"When do a female sib start to show if she is pregnant ,and should u have a scan,we are not sure if are sib is ,shes been off her food and acted strange and now eatting really well ,shes about 4/5 weeks if she is"
Sable Marie

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Barked: Sat Oct 9, '10 8:19am PST 
A Siberian's food shouldn't change because it's winter time. As long as the dog in question, this applies to any breed, is on a high quality diet, but it kibble, home cooked, or raw, there is no need to change. However Siberians, assuming their owner is willing to tough it out in the winter [if it is cold in their area] are likely to me more active when it's cold, so upping what they eat couldn't hurt.

If you think your dog is pregnant, go to the vet. Clearly it would have been an irresponsible or accidental breeding and isn't it better to know than to have puppies pop up eventually? Now if you have a bitch that is pregnant, puppy food. High quality puppy food, Blue Buffalo, Orijen, Wellness, etc, she should be eating puppy food while she's pregnant and nursing her pups.