Need help for with deaf husky

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Barked: Mon Sep 27, '10 3:05pm PST 
So I recently moved and my life with my 12 year old husky has been an adjustment ever since. We had lived in the last place for more than 5 years and we had a routine. Lucretia was mostly an aside dog, unfortunately I don't think she knows she is a husky. She thinks she is a watch dog and an all mighty protector, not the family dog. So we moved and realized she is 100% deaf and here I thought she just ignored me half the time. Then the 4th of July happened, she was inside as always...but now she doesn't want to go outside. She goes out and does her business and then she wants back inside. She has never been one to go on walks unless I make her...unless it is an awesome, it is not worth the fight.

So my issue is she is now an indoor dog, she has never been crated and she is destructive if left inside for long periods of time. She has been inside for about 3 weeks with no issues until this weekend. Found some papertowels on the counter and she had a hay day with them. I have had no luck over the years with toys with her, but I am going to try again. I am looking into a crate, but I am not sure the size to get for her. She is about 55 lbs. I am concerned with the crate because when I do make her stay outside for more than 5 minutes these days she does this gutteral whine/howl that sounds like someone is killing her.

When I first got her as a pup she had a lot of seperation anxiety and she always been on the more high anxiety side, so in the past I have medicated her, I just hate to do that if I don't have to.

I am hoping that I am not the only one who has dealt with this. On a side note, she is still in good spirits and eats and drinks, despite not being able to hear.
Sable Marie

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Barked: Thu Oct 7, '10 12:27pm PST 
It can be difficult. She was an outside dog? Expect mischief to happen, she needs to get used to house rules, which she has never had before by the sound of it.

To be honest, if ripped up paper towel if your biggest issue, be glad for that. A crate probably wouldn't hurt or a very husky proofed room. Stomping on the floor might work to get her attention, is she 100% deaf? Hand movements for commands, etc.

Kongs will save your life when you need to leave her alone, but in doing that it is a special treat she gets ONLY when she will be left on her own.

If shes counter surfing in the kitchen remove all things from the counter, eventually she will give up looking.