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My husky is almost 9 yrs old now and I've noticed that the older he gets, the grumpier he gets. I have to give him a sedative just to get him groomed! He's bitten a groomer (but in his defense it was a mobile groomer and he was scared to get into the van to start with). Without something to calm him, he turns into Cujo in stressful situations. He's normally very sweet. My other husky has no problems and she's 11 yrs old. He was very stressed after a flight overseas (military being re-stationed) and was in his crate for the maid to clean the room. She plugged in her vacuum near his crate and he nearly ate a hole in his crate to get to her. Definitely scared the crap out of her, but I couldn't explain to her why he did that because we were in Deutschland and I didn't know any Deutsch! Maybe a male thing when they get stressed out? Anyone else out there with the same problem? shrug

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Since there's progression with time, I would suspect an underlying health problem. Even arthritis would explain why he hates the groomer. Being touched all over and having your joints manipulated when you're in pain would be awful. Thyroid problems have been strongly linked to aggression lately as well. Lyme disease can cause aggression. There are all sorts of potential issues.

This is definitely not the norm for a Husky (or any dog). But it is also possible he got the short end of the genetic lottery, and he's naturally anxious. A veterinary behaviorist may be able to help on that end, but correctly diagnosing and medicating an anxiety issue is a long road full of trail and error. Be sure you're up for it before you decide to put him through it.

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I have a very nervous 5 year old husky and he hates all groomers except the one who uses Ttouch. He made such a big deal at the vets office when she tried to look in his ear, she thought he had a bad ear infection. The whole waiting room thought something awful was happening and when she came out to talk to us, she was laughing (well trying hard not to) She said there wasn't a thing wrong with his ear and he was just carrying on.shrug

He is my sweetie though, because he lets me know everyday how much he needs me big grin

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My siberian husky mix, Jarvis, is about 5 years old and has always had a grumpy side - we have had him since he was a puppy and still have contact with about 5 of the other puppies from the litter and the mother, whom I raised, and now lives with my sister along with two of the siblings. He hates going into any space that he is not familiar with, barks at most male visitors until he has had a chance to sniff them out, and has a grumpy but loving report' with my husband. (i.e. he'll sit or lay down when he's told but will very audibly grump about it. I am his human so he is always affectionate with me, but again - acts like a kid having a tantrum when he doesn't feel like doing what he's asked. His siblings and mom all are extremely unique in their personalities, showing me more that dogs have personalities much like people, and that they all don't respond to life situations in the exact same way. All of the boys in this litter like to be top dog, or at least try to - and all of the girls have been especially affectionate mild mannered. The dad was a siberian husky and the mom (my Anna) a mut - who is extremely sweet and very vocal (chewbacca moaning when she wants some lovin'). Jarvis had a sore hip and we had to muzzle him and myself and a vet asst. had to lay on top of him to let the vet manipulate the joint to check for any break or some such. It turned out to be a pulled muscle. I asked the vet if there was anything I should be concerned about with his occasional sour disposition or if there was anything I could do for him. The vet told me that Huskies are highly emotional and can at times be dramatic. smile That's my little Drama King. smile With Jarvis I've decided to view the situation as if he is "special" and to help him along with his path in life as his steward. He's my old grumpy love puppy. smile