Your Huskies weight and Age?

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Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 5:47pm PST 
Atlas is 1.8 years old and is 60lbs. He is big for a husky in height and length. Or at least he appears to be when compared visually to other huskies.

Barked: Wed May 8, '13 3:45am PST 
Shadow is 11 months old and weighs 24kg, or 53lbs. I've been told by a vet that his weight is perfect for his size, his father is around 55lbs. His mother was half his size though, and still weighed the same.

I think the bigger issue would be whether the weight is due to muscle mass or excessive fat. Muscle weighs more than fat does, so if you're dog is lean but has a high weight range it's most likely due to that. Genetics also plays a big factor, the term "big boned" can be genetically inherited so comparing weights between dogs can sometimes show no comparison at all if they're from completely different family genetic lines.

I've studied medicine and zoology, and my partner is a geneticist, so we argue about this a lot party

Barked: Wed Jul 3, '13 10:51pm PST 
Meiska is 10 months old and she weighs in at 47 lbs. Vet said that she is in the perfect range for height and weight for the breed. I would think that it would be hard for her to get overweight since Huskies really only eat what they need. We give her 2 cups of food when her bowl is empty and she will take a couple days to eat it...during the summer anyway when its hot. Vet said that is typical as well and to expect her to eat more during the winter months.


Barked: Tue Jul 9, '13 5:00pm PST 
Blu is a 17 pound 12 week old male, is this on the large side for huskies? Does anyone have a guess on his adult weight? His father was 70 lbs and mother was 45 lbs so i'm thinking he is going to be a big boy.

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Barked: Mon Jul 15, '13 11:28am PST 
Archie is AKC registered. He is 15 weeks old and weighs 31-1/2 pounds, stands 19" at the withers. 8 days ago, he was 27 pounds 14" at the withers. He has very large feet, and heavy long legs. Is this the normal growth rate for a Siberian Husky?

This is the first Husky we have ever had. We have always had Border Collie and Aussies, or mixed of the same breeds for the most part, with a "Mutt' now and then.

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Barked: Tue Nov 5, '13 5:45pm PST 
My Siberian Husky, Malakai, is purebred. He's beautiful, and HUGE! He is 9 months old, 24.5 inches at withers and 74 pounds. He actually looks very skinny, for his age. His father is a little larger than standard, his mother is not. He's very healthy. The vet said he just got a gene, probably passed down, generations past.
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