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Miss Cleo- Patty

Ready to Run
Barked: Sun Oct 14, '12 7:17am PST 
Our 16 month old Cleo likes to run away if she can get the chance and then, after you catch her and she's all filthy from going through the woods, etc., and you give her a BATH, she will pee on the bed of whoever gives her the bath! We are new to shih tzu ownership; has anyone experienced such mischievousness?
Gem Gem

Mr. Kay Poh King- xD
Barked: Mon Oct 15, '12 3:52am PST 
Hi, Cleo-Patty. I adopted my Shih Tzu, Gem Gem, a few weeks ago. At first, he peed everywhere too, but now he rarely has accidents. We live in an apartment, so I put some newspapers over an area and he pees there. It's easy to tell when he pees, cos he will come running back in like crazy laugh out loud