Hello from western Canada

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Tummy rub! My- soul for a tummy- rub!
Barked: Fri Feb 3, '12 1:57am PST 
My name is Neil. I am retired, and I live alone. In summer 2010, I decided a dog would be nice for company. I'd mostly owned large dogs, so I went to see what they had at the SPCA in the city of Lethbridge, about 90 km. from here. There were a few big, noisy ones available, but one of the volunteers wanted to show me a Shih Tzu she was keeping at home. We met at her place, sat down on the patio, and she brought out Daisy. Daisy approached with caution, and sat down in front of me. I reached down, rubbed her head, and she stood up and begged. I think it took five seconds to fall in love with her. She had just weaned a batch of puppies, and had an appointment to be spayed, so I picked her up the following week.

Daisy was removed from a home where there were ten dogs. She was the smallest and spent her life in a cage. She was in terrible shape – never been groomed, claws grown into circles, and her left rear leg had been injured by a large dog.

A week after I got her, we left on a 2 1/2 month trip in my RV, from Vancouver Island to Ottawa. Daisy was a nervous traveller at first, hiding under the driver's seat, but eventually she learned to relax, and the tight confines of the RV were a great way to get to know each other.

She is the best-behaved dog I've ever seen. First night I had her, she peed in the house. I scolded her and put her outside. Since then, there's never been another accident. She doesn't chew on anything. She's very quiet. I think I've heard her bark a dozen times. She sticks to me like glue, and I can walk her without a leash, because she's never more than ten feet away. She is very timid, but friendly. She especially likes women, and she gets along well with the neighbour's cat. She'd sell her soul for a tummy rub.

I absolutely love her to bits. I was told she was six years old when I got her, but the vet says she's older, probably about ten, which is a bit distressing. I wish I'd gotten her years ago. She really is my little gift from Heaven.