Male or Female Shih Tzu?

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Barked: Tue Jan 24, '12 12:22pm PST 
Hello, We're looking at getting a Shih Tzu puppy to be a companion for my Shichon (who will be almost 3 yrs old at the time) He is a neutered male, very sweet. We also have 2 kids (who will be 5 and 7 when we get the pup) and 2 cats.

I've read that if I have a male the 2nd dog should be a female. I have no problem w/ getting a female but I've read that the female Shih Tzu's aren't as friends, more independent, more moody and bossy. I'm not sure I like those traits especially given I have kids.... (they know to be nice to our animals).

Would those of you w/ a lot of Shih Tzu experience recommend we get a female or another male? I'm hoping whatever we decide on they are best friends smile


Barked: Wed Jan 25, '12 2:43pm PST 
My first pups years ago was a male shih tzu.He was the best in everyway .My second pups now is a male shih tzu.Completely the opposite.He is stuborn and has his own mine.We are having a time of it.Maybe because I'm so old or it could really be him.I really think it does not matter if it's a male or female .They are good pets but they come with their own traits.He loves all the dogs in my apartment and is a great friend to all the old ladies but he tells on me because I scold him and the book says this is a '"no no'.

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Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 11:57pm PST 
I really don't know, I think personally it depends a lot on the dog's particular background, the temperament of the parents, things like that.

We have Wicket (he's male lol...ignore the pink blanket in his picture BOL!) and he's the sweetest boy ever. He loves to cuddle, loves to be in your lap, but he also enjoys his walks and romping in the yard every day for a short while. But mostly, he's a couch potato and a huge cuddler.

Another thing you should factor in is your dog's temperament. Try to find a good match for your dog when you're checking out breeders and their lines. It's not a 100% guarantee that your dog will exhibit those traits, but it can sometimes be a pretty good indicator.


Mom's little- Fluffer Muffin
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I think in the last 4 months I've almost become an authority on this subject! laugh out loud I'm currently living in a house with 15 Shih Tzus! I can say in all honesty that each and every one of them has a unique personality all their own!
I have a 9 year old female Cocker Spaniel and I think it's very interesting that one of the male dogs(2 years old) has fallen completely in love with her and she with him! So much so in fact, I've started a blog about this quirky relationship!
In my life I've had more than 20 dogs in just about any and all gender/age combinations you can think of and I have to say that the relationship your dog develops with a new dog will be completely dependent on their personalities and not their gender. Take this from someone who had a 230 pound male St. Bernard who fell in love with and did everything with his buddy the 6 pound male house rabbit! Hope this helps!big grin

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We have a 5 month old male, Teddy & 4 month old female, Tessa. They are so different. Tessa is always playful and loves people & animals. Teddy get very moody at times. Especially when he is tired. I would say he is much more low key than Tessa to.
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Mei Li is my first Shih Tzu dancing
I've always considered myself a male dog person... yet the first dog I got after I got married (my previous dog was a rescued female Pekingese) was a female Pit Bull... and then we adopted a 6 year old male White German Shepherd. He died of cancer 8 months after we adopted him. My husband got a male Miniature Poodle (Bruce) from a friend. Then a week later, we got Mei Li! It figures that after a lifetime of believing that I liked male dogs better, that my dogs are both female.
I'm not sure why, but my girls chose me, prefer me, and I prefer them smile