Mouth Ulcer

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Mocha Mischief
Barked: Fri Sep 7, '07 1:16pm PST 
Wednesday afternoon, I noticed my 3 month old Shih Tzu "Mocha" wasn't his usually active self and he would not open his mouth and was breathing entirely through his nose which was unusual. Yet, I wasn't alarmed until the following morning, when he was still the same, in addition to a foul order coming from his mouth. I just found out this morning after taking Mocha to the vet that he had a mouth ulcer. It covered almost his entire tongue, a yellowish kinda of sore, that has his mouth foul. A really strong odor that I can still smell in my house. However, his vet gave him 2 shots and a oral anti-biotic that is to be adminsiter twice a day for 10 days, then he's back in a week for observation.

I did notice about 3 weeks ago, a small form in the middle of his tongue, which at the time blended in with his tongue color but the shape was outstanding. Upon checking for it a few days after it seemed to have disappeared so I had failed to mention this to the vet the following week. This may have been the ulcer in its' early stage.

The vet recommends me washing the floor tiles over with clear water after mopping, because it may have been caused from him licking the tiled floor after mopping and this may have left behind harmful chemicals. In addition, to him maybe being allergic to plastic. He in fact has plastic and ceramic water and food dishes, but he usually uses the plastice ones. As of today I have taken away the plastic bowls.

I'm glad that I took him to the vet this morning before it got any worse. I'm just looking forward to my baby being better and back to his happy, energic and healthy self.

This is a precaution that if your puppy as any unusual marks anywhere in the mouth. It can be serious and even fatal.

Sometimes, mouth ulcers and other conditions of the mouth can be cancerous in dogs. Please safe guard your dogs with all precautions.

Leave Mocha well wishes.

We both Thank-you.


Right Grid Ref- wrong- Planet!!!!!!
Barked: Sat Sep 22, '07 10:34am PST 
awwwww Mocha
sooooo sowrry for your pawly mouth!!
Thank your mummy for putting up the warning!! Tzus can get so many allergies, hope you havent got onecry
Mummy always uses ceramic bowls for her animals she says she doesnt eat of plastic so we shouldnt either!!laugh out loudlaugh out loud
On our floors mum doesnt use anything with chemicals that could make us sick, white vinegar is good for cleaning with pine essence in it, or something along those lines.
Hope you feel better soon sweetheart
Love and Licks
Bud and Zeke