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Bambi- (Ashanti of- Leigh-La)

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Barked: Tue Aug 28, '07 4:45am PST 
Hi, fellow shih tzu lovers. I have a 1-yr old tzu named Bambi, and she's recently developed fungi in her skin and even had an hotspot. Her vet cannot pinpoint exactly what the cause of the fungal infection is, and she advised me to monitor her diet first (she told me to stop giving her chicken first and observe for a month what happens). Can you guys give me tips as to how I could treat the skin problem? Maybe some of you encountered the same dilemma. Your help will be very very appreciated. Thanks so much! -Krystle
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Barked: Wed Aug 29, '07 11:47am PST 
Sorry Bambi's Mom..my only advice is to do what your vet sayz, and hope that it works outsmile I'm sure Bambi will be fine!!!

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Barked: Sat Sep 22, '07 10:17pm PST 
Hi my girl has lots of skin issues, its a Shih Tzu thing, along with their cuteness is the high maintenance of their skin issues.

I would give your baby benedryl, my girl gets it twice a day, and also takes prednisone, they have a history of having allergies, I feed her a food that has no wheat, preservatives, etc. etc.

Great stuff, when she's on it, her skin is so much better !!



Barked: Sun Sep 30, '07 3:55am PST 
Check for flea bites, rule out seasonal allergies also. See my post in the other allergies discussion. I agree with benedryl. Seems to be common.
Bambi- (Ashanti of- Leigh-La)

To pester people- - that is my- mission!
Barked: Wed Oct 3, '07 1:26am PST 
thanks so much for the tip guys. the vet said that ticks are most probably the cause. thankfully, the redness and itchiness have decreased. smile