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is it time to- eat?!
Barked: Wed May 2, '07 11:50am PST 
so, this is harry's first full week back on commercial food. he had been on chicken/rice for over a month b/c of some upset tummy issues. plus, we were in the process of selecting a new food for him b/c before his stomach upset, he was refusing to eat his old food.

anyway, bottom line is...harry gets this eye goop that can really stink. no matter how often i clean it out. however, what i am noticing over the past day or so...is that i wasn't noticing the stink this past month.

i'm thinking that being back on commercial food has something to do with it.

does anyone else encounter stinky eye goop? if so, have you found ways to combat it? i can't switch his food again right now. want him to get a little bit of consistent good nutrition before we start switching again. in case you're wondering - his old food was abady/ his new, current food is canidae chicken & rice formula.

thanks in advance for any tips