Orijen/New Balance (crosspost from Food & Nutrition)

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Barked: Sun Apr 29, '07 7:49pm PST 
Both my dogs are on Royal Canin. (Jake on the Sensible Choice Natural Blend & Riley on the Puppy Dog formula). Before the recall, I was going to switch to Natural Balance. Now I am unsure. I have been reading great things about Orijen. But for some reason my brain is still stuck on the NB...even though they have had recalls.

Anyone have experience with either? what did you think?

ALSO, Riley is still on puppy food and I heard that Orijen has too much protein for a puppy?

Any thoughts?

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Barked: Tue May 1, '07 12:10am PST 
My dog has been on Natural Balance for a lttle over two months and
we are real satisfied with it. The ingredient list is good. She is on the salmon and I forget the other main ingrediient.