No Off-Leash for Vixen anymore...oh, the prey drive.

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Barked: Sat Jan 30, '10 2:47pm PST 
now, before i tell this story, i know shibas should NEVER be off leash. however, since vixen is so small this hasnt been an issue until today. the past week or so she's been a little more explorative and not listening as well so we started doing a bit of leash training, but this morning....

i took her out to potty after she ate her breakfast. first, she saw someone on a bike and kinda started to chase them but then stopped. then she went potty and started running back towards our front door. then she saw THEM. the DUCKS. 3 ducks. duck #1 took off down the sidewalk and vixen took off after it, which was kinda cute to watch her 'hunt'. duck #2 then flew off in between 2 buildings towards the lake. so she followed him. not so cute. duck #3 went in the same direction so she continued TOWARDS THE LAKE...until she FELL IN. not cute, only terrifying. fortunately i wasnt far behind and when i reached the edge she was already trying to climb up the steep bank so i got down there and helped her out the rest of the way. her head was dry so she didnt go under but it was VERY scary. so many things could have happened. plus i had a dream a few days ago she fell in a pool and sank to the bottom and i was trying to get to her in time so that was replaying in my head the whole time. i'm pretty sure we were both quite traumatized. i'm surprised our neighbors werent coming out because i was yelling for her to stop running. needless to say, this all resulted in a bath and some cuddle time while she got dried off. and i may have been a bit teary too. my worst fears are having something bad happening to my hubby or one of our 'kids' so today was a bit nerve racking. apparently we will be in full-swing leash-trainnig-mode from here on out.

in a day or two this may be funny, but it so was not this morning.

since its girl scout cookie season, think i'll try to decompress with a few Thin Mints. shrug

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Barked: Sat Jan 30, '10 5:34pm PST 
oh no... yes, it's very scary to have a Shiba off-leash. I'm glad that everyone is unharmed.

Humans are so- hard to train
Barked: Sat Jan 30, '10 8:47pm PST 
Very scary! Luckily shibas like most dogs are good swimmers. Even though most would prefer to stay dry.


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Barked: Sat Jan 30, '10 10:17pm PST 
So glad that everything turned out ok!!!! Saki escaped once and we happen to live on a very busy street, scariest day of my life!!!!!

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Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 7:45am PST 
You need to explain to Vixen that Ducks are protected unless you have a hunting license .

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Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 9:13am PST 
Vixen, we have all had our chances to scare the breath out of our pawrents. That's why I just shudder when I read questions about how we do off leash...no one ever believes they can't control their pups off leash. Until they've had a Shiba!

Here is my post from the first time it happened to me...trust me there have been others, just not this scary for Mom...


big and- strong!!!!!
Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 1:44pm PST 
tomo - that must have been horrible! i'm so glad our complex is tucked back on a side street because i would be so paranoid! your daddy is brave for running after you!

cortez - i will speak to vixen about this. being a shiba, she probably thinks she owns ALL the permits/licenses...bol

yeah, she will never be off leash again...she's at that age where she is getting really fast and doing the usual 'i-cant-hear-you' shiba routine. brat.

tank has never been allowed off leash except at the dog park.

whenever we have people over or go to someone else's house, we explain about the possibility of them bolting out the door and stress the fact that people need to be extremely careful when they enter/exit so they dont run out. so nerve-racking!

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Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 3:24pm PST 
Henry went streaking down the middle of a busy street during lunch hour the first time he got loose. He grazed a tire with his back leg but was otherwise unhurt. Terrifying.

Vixen, water will melt you. Stay away!

You obey ME!
Barked: Sun Jan 31, '10 5:55pm PST 
Vixen - your mommy is so wise to warn visitors when they come over. It's so critical for everyone to be good about making sure the Shiba doesn't get out! Including the mail person, gardeners, etc....