How often do you bath your Shiba?

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You won't like- me when I'm- angry...
Barked: Wed Feb 13, '08 11:04pm PST 
Hey guys! It's been awhile! I apologize, life keeps us pretty busy! wave

I know Shibas are known for hating baths, luckily Kozi is an exception; but I was wondering how often you bath your Shiba? I've heard they are very clean, and don't need to bathed often. I've tried to pass that news on to my wife, but she insists giving him a bath at least once a month. Maybe she just likes the bonding experience, I don't know. Your thoughts, please!

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Barked: Wed Feb 13, '08 11:06pm PST 
We bathe Loki once a month.

How's it going with the food aggression?
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Barked: Wed Feb 13, '08 11:45pm PST 
Hi Kozi! wave
That video of you in the bath is so cute! You're such a good pup!

We give Keeks a bath every two months or so...unless she falls in the mud at the park.


You won't like- me when I'm- angry...
Barked: Thu Feb 14, '08 12:07am PST 
Hi Loki! We have gone a long ways and yet traveled such a short distance...

A couple momths back we started hand feeding him. That lasted about 3 weeks until Kozi bit my wife while feeding him. Then a couple days later, he bit me while my wife was around. It took a lot of time and energy to feed him two pieces at a time. Once Sachiko got bit, she didn't want to feed him like that anymore, so we stopped.

It had got to the point where we couldn't even get his food on the ground before he started growling or charging us. We had tried everything everyone told us to do... and it wasn't working. I found a dog trainer here on base and gave him a call. He trains the dogs for the military, so it seemed like a good idea.

The trainer was a really nice guy and had great intentions, but in the end... he was just a dog trainer. Meaning... he tried to train Kozi's behavior out of him. I won't mention the tactics he used, as I would mostly likely get a lot of angry barks, but I can say that they only partially worked. We got to the point where we could feed Kozi and SOMETIMES stick our fingers in his bowl... but could not touch him. It had to be wet food (or combination)... something to bribe him enough. And the bowl was HUGE. It seemed like progress was being made... but Kozi was still unpredictable. He was being just good enough not to be "trained" again. I ended up getting bit again, so we stopped that.

At the beginning of the month I went back to the states for some training. Before I left, Kozi was doing better then ever... but didn't like to be bothered. We could walk by him as long as we weren't too close or stop near him. When he felt we were up to something, he would growl, but more or less under his breath. We started throwing peices of pup-peroni in his dish when we was being good to teach him we weren't there to mess with him. Anyways, my wife says he was doing great while I was away. But when I got back, I got up the next morning went to feed him and it was like the 2 months never happened. He was very aggressive and right now we really can't even pet him. We have to take things very slow and let him initiate contact. I've already been bit twice and my wife once just by petting him on the head.

The thing that makes it worse is knowing we did this to him. Most of it anyways. Both by allowing it to happen and by doing the things we thought was not allowing it to happen.

The good news, we are finally in a position where we can enlist professional help. I found a ADPT certified behavioralist not to far from here (hard to find when you live in Japan!), and just received a reply from them this morning. So we will be using them to turn Kozi's (and ours!) behavior around.

That turned out way longer then expected. bol. You asked a simply question and got a book back return. Thanks for the concern, Loki and wish us luck!

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Barked: Thu Feb 14, '08 6:51am PST 
I hope the behaviorist can help, but if he can't, I would say that you have done everything possible for that pup. If you have to consider other options, don't blame yourselves. What you describe seems very unusual. No one can expect you to live with a vicious, biting dog.

....but he likes baths!? That IS a strange dog!

To answer you question, I used to take Tikka for her bath about every month. Since the fall/winter, it has been about every three months or so.

Good luck. Please keep us updated. hug

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Barked: Thu Feb 14, '08 7:11am PST 
Suki gets a bath usually when she rolls in something nasty. That usually happens about every month/month and a half. I think if I could keep her away from the nasty things, she would get one every two months. Her fur really doesn't smell, or get oily (unless she has been naughty, rolling in stuff).

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Barked: Thu Feb 14, '08 8:45am PST 
We aim to bathe our pups around the turn of every decade - 1 year and 11 months to go...(i wish).

I'll plunk down for doggie daycare to do it about once every three months.

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Barked: Thu Feb 14, '08 8:53am PST 
Hi Kozi - wishing you good luck with the new behaviorist. hug
To answer the bath question, Tetsu gets a bath once every 3-4 months. If he gets muddy at the dog park or elsewhere I just rinse him off with warm water only in the tub.

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Barked: Thu Feb 14, '08 10:50am PST 
Hi Kozi & Kozi's parents --

Wow... you have really tried. I hope that the behaviorist can turn around Kozi's behavior. I can't imagine all the frustration you must be going through. I sympathize & wish you the best. This amount of aggression does seem quite unusual.

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Barked: Thu Feb 14, '08 7:36pm PST 
Well we're very fortunate, Im good friends with a dog groomer and her business is in her house which is so much better for Tia , we go about every 5-6 weeks, she can get soooo much more hair out of her, Im very grateful for her, Tia has went to her since she was 5 months and has been great in the groomer tub and loves swimming in her pool or the lake, go figure ?? crazy shibas ! snoopycheerdancingsnoopy
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