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Mom's Valentine
Barked: Fri Oct 18, '13 7:36am PST 
naughty BUMP

PLAYTIME is MY-a- time!
Barked: Fri Jan 17, '14 11:58pm PST 
So it's true...that Dogster is closing down the Community section. Although I haven't logged on in so long, the thought of closing down the community where a lot of new beginnings with shibas have brought us so much happiness and (online) friendships makes me feel sad and teary-eyed. As if a big part of my history with my furkids, specially my first shiba, Mya, is going to be erased from history. I have had a lot of help from everyone here. It is here that I shared experiences with people who truly understand. The panic of my pup slipping off her flat collar... that there's such a thing as a martingale! Not to mention: the shiba raw feeding community as well that got me through the first anxious months of feeding Mya raw chicken which led to much improvement in her health, the discussions on shiba training, some of which were heated, but ended in more knowledge for the whole group. In the forum, I learned about the "heart dog" and realized that Mya is my heart dog. I was made aware of rescuing and developed a great admiration for rescuers that I opened my heart to an old local stray and rescued him, having to go back and forth 3 times, on a drive up a mountainous area, 4-hours back and forth.

Speaking (typing) from the point of view of my dog was never my thing but I thoroughly enjoyed reading posts of those who did. It gave us a peek into how the humoms and hudads perceive what their shibas were thinking and the crazy relationship we have with our dogs. They ignore us when they want to, but we can honestly say that they are loyal to us.

Thank you, Dogster, and Dogster pals for being there when you were. Now, see you over on Facebook! (And fb better not shut down)

I'm a snuggly- boy!
Barked: Mon Jan 20, '14 10:11pm PST 

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