My Hero, Shassi

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Sarah- Smartypants

But I don WANT- to go back to- school!
Barked: Tue Jun 12, '07 8:22am PST 
Shassi's REAL? I thought she was a figment of someone's imagination. She's just too cool to be real.

I have to let you know Shassi, that you are my hero forever!

When my forever mommy took me home from the shelter, she was told I was a cattle dog, and she couldn't figure out why I acted the way I did. Even the mean vet lady (I have a new nice vet lady) said I was unstable and should go right back to the shelter. Imagine!

Then someone clued mommy into the fact that I am a Shiba/chow cross, so mommy did some research. one of the first things she found was the Misanthropic Shiba. Mommy finally got a clue and now I will be celebrating my 1st re-birthday on sunday. party

You saved my life, Shassi, and I am forever grateful.

This is me- ignoring you!
Barked: Tue Jun 12, '07 11:41am PST 
HAPPY RE-BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!!! partyparty

You are the most beautifulest, funniest, smartest and greatest pup EVER! I am so glad your mommy didn't listen to mean, mean vet lady! Sissy's bird would have such a meaningless life without you there trying to EAT it!.... and what about those snakes you take care of for mommy? With your hunting skills, its OBVIOUS you are a shiba!

Tell me where that vet lady is, I'll go pee on her shoe! .... well, I won't do that... hey, I'll bribe a Yorkie to go pee on her shoe! laugh out loud

(just kidding, no offense to Yorkies!!!!)

Kneel,- supplicant!
Barked: Wed Jun 13, '07 8:37am PST 
Thank you, thank you! I was the inspiration for The Misanthropic Shiba way back when because Bravewolf got a real shock when I entered the household and thought other people should know!

Bravewolf is planning an expansion of TMS, which deals with the rearing of Tierce and how to handle an Alpha male Shiba puppy. Once again, a Shiba in the household has upset the complacency of its occupants! An ability to roll with the punches (and apply appropriate correction!) is definitely a necessity for this breed!