Is my Saint Bernard underweight?

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Barked: Wed Oct 31, '12 8:07am PST 
Hello. My SB just turned one year on Oct 11th. Zeus seems skinny to me and I can feel some ribs under his skin. We weighed him last week and he was 138 lbs. This seems very light for a dog his size. He looks skinny in the hips and shoulders too.

He does get A TON of excersize though...chasing after our hyperactive GSD all day.

What do you guys think?

Barked: Fri Nov 2, '12 10:51am PST 
My vet told me that St Bernard can take 2-2.5 years to reach full size... so I wouldn't worry too much...

Mr. Troublemaker-
Barked: Mon Dec 16, '13 9:16am PST 
I thought my boy was underweight too, he turned 1, August 22, i got worried because he eats three times a day, plenty of exercise, but i can see his ribs a little bit, but the vet said he's perfectly healthy, & not to worry, he's still growing big grin