Need some training help!

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Hi everyone!

We have a 10-month old Saint and are having a very specific training issue with him. Our trainer is out of town for a few months, so it will be awhile before we can get some one-on-one help.

Most of his commands (sit, stand, stay etc) are quite good. However, we're having a HUGE issue with getting him into the house. Yes, we get it - he LOVES being outside. However, when we need to leave, we need him to come in.

He's started, as we call it, 'dead dropping' onto the ground. You try to get him in, and he throws himself down onto his side or back. No amount of cajoling, treats, commands etc will get him up. So, we're resorting to having to haul him to his feet, and pretty much lead/drag him in by his collar. Which we hate doing.

Any tips on how to break this behavior? We're trying positive reinforcement - every time he comes in the house, he gets treats, hugs, and we get very excited. Often, we'll offer to let him go right back out, so that he sees that coming in isn't a bad thing.

But, this is getting ridiculous!

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Do you have one super special treat you only use for this situation?
Like tripe or some other stinky meat.