need solutions for excessive barking

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Our 2 Saints George and Gracie are siblings from the same litter and soon to turn 3 years old this coming march. They have a kennel in our heated detached garage and access to the property thanks to invisible fence which works great. One of their favorite pastimes is running along our frontage--approx 250 feet and chasing whatever goes by. They cant get closer than about 40ft to the road. The problem is that they bark like theres no tomorrow. My wife read somewhere that Saints dont bark so much. George and Gracie never read that book. We use bark collars with limited success. George is long hair, so during the winter when his coat is thick,,it really doesn't make much difference. Gracie on the other hand is shorthair like her mother and the collar has a little more affect. I have always heard that you should be able to put your fingers easily between the prong on the collar and the dogs skin--not too tight. I also tried to clip Georges hair around the neck a little. To no avail. Can anybody make suggestions. Do they make industrial size bark collars? Both George and Gracie weigh in at almost 165. I am just a little concerned that their barking is going to irritate the wrong person. We have new neighbors that aren't that close, but you can hear George bark a country mile away and I know if it bothers me than how do the neighbors feel? I realize that they are only protecting their turf, but I'm concerned for their safety. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Don and Sherry ---- Proud parents of George and Gracie

ps--pics and profile soon to follow