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Barked: Thu Oct 1, '09 8:47pm PST 
Hi! My name is Erin and my 6 1/2 month old St. Bernard Brady and I are new to dogster. I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with osteochondrosis. Brady has been limping for about a week and when we took him in they did x-rays and determined it to be osteochondrosis in his right shoulder. We are supposed to see a specialized surgeon tomorrow to discuss treatment options. Anyone out there have any helpful advise or info on this topic. We are pretty devastated.

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Barked: Fri Oct 2, '09 5:37pm PST 
I'm sorry to hear about your dog's condition. Only a vet or the surgeon consult will be able to really help you with your questions. All I know is Osteo == Bone. The rest of it I'd have to Google.

wave back from a trip to the search engine... It sounds bad but at least it's something your dog can live with. Not sure I fully understood what I read, in regards with what this means to your dog's daily activities.

It sounds like it's a condition that for whatever reason cuts blood flow off to "parts of?" a bone or joint? Followed by bone necrosis and bone regrowth. What was not said but I read into: That means there could ultimately be bone deformities such as spurs or other odd and painful growths.

Again, I'd seek advice from your vet or the consult as they have the answers you seek. If they don't, they can point you to the answers or find them for you. It sounds like you may just need to be sensitive to the dog's condition. Don't over exercise him. Pain meds if needed. etc.

Keep us posted and I hope for the best. way to go

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Barked: Fri Oct 2, '09 5:44pm PST 
Edit: Additionally, this appears to be a 'catch all' condition that is defined as "any bone disease that destroys bone tissue...during rapidly growing(bones)."

I'm assuming this is something that goes away when your dog is fully grown? That would be something to ask about.

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So sorry Brady, PLEASE keep us posted on how you are doing!!!