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Barked: Tue Dec 25, '07 11:01pm PST 
I am getting a new puppy in either April or May next year and I was interested in getting a Running Walker Foxhound since there are very little on dogster. But I have heard that they are really hyper like Jack Russel Terriers. Is this true?? I also don't know much about this breed so can you please tell me about this breed??? Thanks. Also if you can think of Male names that start with T then that would be great thanks!!!
Marigold (Deceased 2010)

Barked: Mon Dec 31, '07 3:40pm PST 

Uh well I have what I believe to be a cross (so says the vet anyway) and she is very energetic, but she winds down and would rather just be in your lap. She is adoptable though I know your looking for a puppy and a male ^_^ Still every dog is different and they're going to be 10 X more energetic as puppies no matter what the breed party I hope you find the perfect pup ^_^ it'd be good to have some more Runners on Dogster