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Daisy Mae

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Daisy Mae is 11 months old. She is about 12 inches tall and already weighs 19 pounds. Her momma was a petite pug and weighed 14 or 15 pounds. Papa was a little bigger and 18 pounds. If you look at her from the side you can see where her belly goes up, as opposed to being level with her ribs. From the top she is wider at the chest and then goes in at her belly. She does not look overweight. My dad tried to tell me her thought she was chubby because he could not feel her ribs. I think that is because of all the loose pug skin.
Daisy Mae is slowly being transitioned from Diamond small breed puppy food to Eukanuba Small Breed Weight Control. I feed her between 1 and 1 1/2 cups of food a day. It depends on whether or not I am working that day and how much exercise/outside time she will get that day.
I guess I would like to know if it seems like Daisy Mae is overweight or on her way to being overweight? Also, can you feel for a pug's ribs to check if they are overweight or does their loose skin get in the way?
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My pug Lolita is 20 pounds and my vet says she's overweight and bulgy. I used to give her Pedigree weight management, but what that did is making her even fatter. She would not loose weight at all. So I read in a bunch of articles (including dogster)that weight management foods are not good for them since it's got more fat and they double the ingredients to make them more obese. I gave up on those foods and opted for a better quality food; organic. Now Lolita seems to be doing much better on it and looks slimer than what she used to with the "healthy weight" brand. Don't be fooled by "healthy weight" foods; it does nothing for them. You should feed her twice a day and also feed her the amonunt that says on the back of the bag, but make sure you do it according to the weight you want her to be and not the weight she's in right now. Make sure you get a measuring cup and measure her food accordingly, for example for Lolita I feed her 2/3 of the cup twice a day and since she likes veggies a lot, I'd mix some carrots or green beans with the kibbles and she loves it. It will seem you're giving her less food and that she's starving, but don't worry she should do just fine. You know how pugs are such clowns and beg always for food making you think they're hungry all the time. And most important NO TABLE SCRAPS or fatty foods instead give her carrots, bananas, apples, etc...that makes a good and healthy snack or opt for healthier and natural treats. Also exercise often and usually the skin you feel by their ribs is loose skin along with fat as well. Good luck puggy smile

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You should read the back of your dog food. Try to feed them around what a 20lb dog should eat. I had my pug on wellness and switched to blue. On wellness he was eating 1/2 c. twice a day. Since the switch he's eating 3/4 c. twice a day. My boy is a healthy 19lbs and the vet says its a good weight. Their skin should be loose and they should have a trim waist line. Most pugs I've run across are overweight. They do need exercise. Mine gets plenty through play and I rarely walk him. If your dog is overweight feed them what they should be eating for what the top average weight of a pug should be and try exercise. If you're going to walk them remember dont walk them further than you're willing to carry them home since they tire easily. Also a healthy amount of play should help not with just weight but obedience as well since your dog will be more bonded with you. I'm a second time pug mommy and my boys have never been overweight and are very obedient.