Flora might be a big "portly"...

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Flora (Poste)

Barked: Wed Aug 11, '10 8:47am PST 
So my puglet Flora used to be around 15-16 lbs.. Yesterday I weighed her on my scale (weighed myself, then got on w/her), and she was 18.6 lbs. or so... I'm concerned she may be a bit overly plump now! She doesn't look fat--she's a very petite pug, actually, and most people think she's still a puppy (she's 2 now--but I wonder if perhaps she has a bit of an extra roll that isn't super noticeable b/c she's a black pug...
I am going to cut back on her food, but don't want to starve her, either!! frown
Thoughts, everyone?
Tiffany, Flora's human mom