Skin fold Pyoderma

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The Ralphinator
Barked: Sun Dec 27, '09 8:51am PST 
Hi guys. Well, I'be been having troubles with Ralph for awhile now. Hes had a lot of skin issues and eye issues since May and they're not getting better. My main concern is one that I"ve voiced to several vets and all have brushed me off saying its nothing.

I'm pretty sure Ralph has skin fold pyoderma. His wrinkle under his eye is obviously sore, its inflammed, crusty and musty smelling. The vets keep saying to just wipe it clean with water and dry it, but its NOT working. Hes rubbing his eye constantly and its heart breaking to watch him suffer.

I have used boric acid wipes as mentioned by vets and other pug owners here, but it seems to irritate the skin. I have used a weak peroxide solution, which appeared to work, but when I mentioned that to his eye specialist (for a seperate matter) she freaked at me and told me to stop. This was the only thing keeping the inflammation away!

Now when doing a google search, the course of treatment for this is an oral antibiotic AND a peroxide shampoo!

Has anyone encountered this problem and if so, whats the course of action?
Shughie and- Gog (bro &- sis)

Barked: Mon Dec 28, '09 6:56am PST 
Hi! We've had the same issue . (Usually after Mommy and Daddy have gone on vacation and da babies have been kenneled!) We've only had to resort to oral antibiotics once, when it was REALLY bad. The best topical treatment we've used is Ketochlor shampoo (we ordered ours from www.bullwrinkle.com) and a locally applied ointment called Kenacomb (it's an antibiotic/antifungal made by Squibb). The important thing is to keep folds (and skin in general) clean and DRY. Of course, you know that trying to dry a pug after a bath needs a LOT of patience!

Hope that helps! Let us know how things turn out. smile

The Ralphinator
Barked: Mon Jan 4, '10 8:11am PST 
Hi guys. Thanks for response. I will try that for now. The main problem is is that Ralph 'apparently' has chronic dry eye and has to have these drops which makes his eyes run all the time. Because of this, its impossible to keep the fold dry. I either have to have a dog that will end up blind because he can't get his drops, or its a constant battle with pyoderma frown

We're trying to get the balancing act down.