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Bess (in- loving- memory)

Barked: Fri Jul 24, '09 1:17pm PST 
Alabama Pug Rescue took in a boxer several months ago when she was surrendered by her so called owner.........she'd been hit by a car two weeks earlier, crushing her jaw and her pelvis, BUT they had puppies still nursing on her, so they didn't seek treatment until the last pup was gone. (I know, GRRRRRRRRRRR). So this sweetie was feeding her babies when she herself couldn't take in nourishment. Our vet repaired her jaw through several surgeries and the pelvis repaired itself, miracle of miracles. "Faith" is missing about half her jaw, so that big ole boxer tongue hangs out all the time......
ANYWAY, we are a Proplan Rally to Rescue group, so we were eligible to write up Faith's story for their "rescues that do more" contest.......a national contest with a prize of 5K in dog food coupons and some other goodies. Obviously this would make a HUGE difference for our little rescue group in central AL. Faith's story made the top 10 nationally and now her story and a short video clip are on the Rally to Rescue site, http://www.rallytorescue.org/doingmoreforpets/vote.aspx. I think we are currently in first place, because we are all networking like crazy on her behalf.......and even if she doesn't win, our prayer is that a wonderful forever home for her will come out of all this.

Thanks for your time and consideration;please feel free to cross post this message to anyone you know!! She was taken in by pug rescue b/c there was no room at the inn in the local boxer rescue at that time.....and most of us have a soft spot for anything with a nice smooshy face!

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Barked: Fri Jul 24, '09 7:47pm PST 
Thanks for posting. Faith has an adorable face! I wish her the best!
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Barked: Mon Sep 7, '09 9:26pm PST 
I vted for Faith! Any friend of a Pug is a friend of mine!


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Barked: Thu Sep 10, '09 1:09pm PST 
Awww. Faith. hug

Hope she does well!!